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MyNorthwest asked Seattle's mayoral candidates how they would solve Seattle's most severe traffic issues. These are their answers:

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being worst, how bad is Seattle's traffic?
  • Joey Gray
    "Seattle traffic is terrible, unsafe, stinky and creates too much toxic runoff: 9.5"
  • Bruce Harrell
    "Eight (8)"
  • Mike McGinn
    "If there is one thing I have learned as mayor it's don't give yourself a grade! Having said that, traffic in Seattle is really rough right now. One reason is construction on the waterfront and Mercer causes real problems. The other reason is we are adding more jobs and more housing (we're one of the fastest growing urban economies in the nation) but it's not really possible to add more streets. Our challenge is to use our rights of way more efficiently, and expand rail transit.. I've proposed "Access Seattle" to upgrade to "smart" traffic signals that can dynamically adjust to changing traffic patterns. "
  • Doug McQuaid
  • Ed Murray
    "I would say an 8. We have significant traffic congestion issues, particularly during morning and afternoon commute times, on I-5 and for those commuting to and from the Eastside. We need to add additional transit, including light rail and additional bus service, in both the city and across the region, so we provide more choices, get people out of congestion and reduce their reliance on the car to get around. If we don't traffic will just get worse and our quality of life in Seattle will suffer."
  • Charlie Staadecker
    "9 out of 10. A report by INRIX and a 2012 report by Forbes both claim Seattle is the 7th most congested city in the country."
  • Peter Steinbrueck
    "On average I would give Seattle's traffic an 8."

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