Top Ten Conservative Thought Leaders

David Boze presents his top ten thought leaders (in no particular order)

David Boze

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  • Thomas Sowell

    Sowell has penetrating insights on race, economics, and human nature—and a seemingly never ending supply of historical examples to back up his case.

  • Peggy Noonan

    She's the most-read columnist in the Wall Street Journal for a reason. She's got a firm grasp of human nature and what's shaping the culture at the moment.

  • Jonah Goldberg

    Goldberg is funny, insightful, and brilliant. His strong grasp of the history of the left makes it difficult for false arguments to slip past him.

  • Michael Medved

    Our Cultural Crusader is said to have an encyclopedic mind for a reason. His consumption of knowledge makes him a formidable debater and is why even if you disagree, you must take his views seriously.

  • Charles Krauthammer

    The Dr.'s dry, understated delivery reveals a sharp mind with no sacred cows and no patience for foolishness.

  • George Will

    You may need a dictionary to get through one his columns, but he can devastate a 15 minute left-wing argument in 33 seconds—and frequently does.

  • John Stossel

    He asks questions about what some have been conditioned to take for granted and reveals that not all that we take for granted is what it seems, what has always been, or what should be.

  • Ann Coulter

    She is such a verbal bomb-thrower that her sharp intelligence is often hidden by the fallout of her verbal warfare.

  • George Gilder

    You'll only understand half of what he's written or what he's said, but that half will be a great expansion of your knowledge!

  • Rush Limbaugh

    Limbaugh has been the focus of left-wing hatred for 25 years and the efforts to silence him have been unrelenting. Why? He's effective and can talk to the people in a way that most politicians can only dream of.