Top Ten Books Conservatives Should Read

David Boze recommends ten books every conservative should have in their library

David Boze

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  • 1

    The Federalist Papers

    Though it's not in vogue to believe so today, words mean something and since the Founding generation put together the most successful experiment in self-government in history, everybody should try to know what the words in our Constitution actually meant and why they came to the decisions on its content that they did.
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    Whittaker Chambers riveting account of his life in the American Communist Party and the extent to which sympathizers to it managed to manipulate popular opinion against him after he rejected their madness is essential reading to understanding a recurring ideological opponent to freedom.
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  • 3

    Abraham Lincoln

    Conservatives should understand the greatness of the Founder of the Republican Party and this beautifully written book by British author Lord Charnwood brings the great man to life.
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  • 4

    Democracy in America

    An outsider (Alexis de Tocqueville) gives us impressions of early American life and how our form of government has been shaped by our character and independent spirit.
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  • 5

    Liberal Fascism

    Jonah Goldberg's masterful work exposes the aggressive side of the American left, revealing that much of what the say about others is actually true about themselves.
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  • 6

    The 10 Big Lies about America

    My friend Michael Medved's book should be required reading for today's high school classes.
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  • 7

    Ethnic America

    You could put almost any book by Thomas Sowell on this list. Putting just one on the list ensures you'll read the rest. If everyone read this book, we wouldn't need a "national conversation about race"—instead we'd have a national conversation about opportunity.
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  • 8

    Animal Farm

    I thought about putting 1984 on the list instead, but Animal Farm by George Orwell captures the tendency of tyrants to start with good intentions and slowly use language and apathy to their advantage until it's too late.
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  • 9

    The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

    With so many arguments these days degrading into "Hitler!" It's a good idea to actually know what brought Hitler to power.
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  • 10

    Free to Choose

    Milton Friedman defends the free market with such joy and confidence you'll find yourself in wonder that more people were not convinced.
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