Top Ten Moments in Modern Conservative Political History

David Boze breaks down the top conservative moments in political history (in no particular order)

David Boze

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  • 1979 Election of Margaret Thatcher

    Her rise gave momentum to the Reagan Revolution, the idea that the increase of state power was not inevitable and she provided a vital ally in the battle to defeat communism. She also showed that it wasn't conservatives that have a "glass ceiling" when it comes to women in elected office.

  • Ascension of John Paul II

    As Pope he saw the challenge of the Soviet System and put to work the power of the Church to stop it.

  • Election of Reagan

    Reagan's sunny disposition and excellent verbal skills gave new hope to the American people and reawakened their belief in exceptionalism and individualism.

  • The Republican Revolution of 1994

    The Republican Revolution of 1994 not only gave Republicans a gain of 54 seats and the majority for the first time in 40 years, but it made clear that even without Reagan, the Conservative movement was alive and well.

  • Fox News

    Prior to late 1996 the choices for news were liberal, more liberal, or far left. Fox News started to speak to the rest of the nation and broke the stranglehold of the mainstream press.

  • The 1950 Conviction of Alger Hiss

    It proved conservatives were right about communist infiltration of the government.

  • Tear Down this Wall!

    Reagan's 1987 statement in Berlin illustrated the evils of the Empire as well as the absurd games of moral equivalency played by much of the American and European left.

  • The Fall of the Soviet Union- 1991

    It was a vindication of anti-communist forces everywhere and showed the power of freedom and free markets.

  • 2001 Walden Media

    For too long, conservatives have ignored the culture and focused on politics, leaving the left undisputed in messaging. New media companies have now cropped up to begin to chip away at that advantage.

  • Election of Scott Brown

    President Obama spoke of his election as a mandate and the overwhelming Democratic majorities of Congress backed him up. But the death of Ted Kennedy and the election of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts sent a clear message that Americans had not yet surrendered the "transformational change" the liberal president was calling for.