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Why can’t adult substances just come with a straight-forward label?

This image provided by the Food and Drug Administration shows an e-liquid nicotine. The US Food and Drug Administration issued warnings May 1 to more than a dozen makers of liquid nicotine for packaging their vaping formulas to resemble children’s juice boxes, candies and cookies. (FDA via AP)

The FDA has sent out of warning letters to companies that sell nicotine vaping juice, ordering them to knock off the kid-friendly packaging.

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Companies like the Mad Hatter Juice company have insisted that their e-liquids are strictly for adults because they are laced with nicotine, and no good American company wants kids to be inhaling nicotine.

The problem is that the FDA couldn’t help noticing that e-liquid called One Mad Hit Juice Box was designed to look just like a juice box.

The box has pictures of apples and apple trees. It smells just like apple juice, and its printed to look like a plastic-wrapped straw is attached.

The company also sells e-liquids with names like PopCorn, Candy Rainbow, Donuts, RedAde, Cereal Pop. Those names just scream adult!

But the FDA, an agency with no sense of humor, wants it stopped.

Now, we can’t regulate everything based on how children might abuse them, otherwise, we’d have to ban spray paint, matches, glue, and more.

But why couldn’t the e-liquid label just say, “Contains addictive carcinogenic substances. We make this product because we know once you start, your brain will compel you to buy it until you die. Enjoy.” Simple and honest.

On second thought, that would make even more kids want to buy it, wouldn’t it?

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