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Shower thoughts: Mother’s Day, Kaepernick, and Childish Gambino


With all this head tax hullabaloo going on this week, I haven’t had time for Shower Thoughts.

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Let’s do this.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. I’m lucky enough to have two moms, and the cards are in the mail for them. It’s hard to calculate my appreciation for what each of them did. My birth mom had the courage to hide her teenage pregnancy from her family and give me up for adoption, and my adoption mom had to decide if she would commit to a lifetime of care in a few hours. I’m in awe of both of them.

Special shout out to all the single moms out there. I have no idea how difficult it must be to raise kids by yourself. You’re the best. You probably don’t hear it enough, so thank you.

Population and parking

With great weather this weekend, get ready to feel the full force of our recent population boom. The days of finding a parking space at the lake or the trail head are over. That secluded spot you’ve always gone to will probably be packed.


Don’t look now, but the Major League Baseball season is almost a quarter of the way in the books, and the Mariners are six games above .500.

The dog days of summer are still in front of us, but this is a fun team to watch. Awesome no-hitter by the Big Maple the other night.

Colin Kaepernick

Speaking of sports, looks like the Seahawks coach and GM were deposed by Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer. Is the NFL colluding to keep Kaep out of the league because of his political stance? If I was on that jury, he would be getting a very large judgement from the League. I’m talking hundreds of millions of dollars. What the NFL is doing is un-American.

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino

It’s rare that I use the word “genius” to describe a musical artist, but Donald Glover just might fit that bill. His new song and video for his musical alter ego Childish Gambino is nothing short of a tour de force on the most important issues facing the United States today. If you haven’t seen “This Is America,” check it out now. Then watch it a second and third time before reading some the breakdowns on why it’s important. Dude is legit.


And finally, for all the new people to town, make sure you check out SIFF. The Seattle International Film Festival is the largest festival in the US. Pick a few movies, and enjoy it.

You can hear “What are we talking about here?” everyday at 4:45 p.m. on 97.3 FM.

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