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Seattle business called discriminatory for Mother’s Day sale

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Seattle, the city where everything is turned into a social justice cause, claimed another victim with petty and annoying complaints.

Ian Eisenberg, owner of Uncle Ike’s, a pot shop, was trying to treat moms of his business the way most others do for Mother’s Day. His business recently emailed their customers an offer of 20 percent off their total purchase if they brought in their mothers. Of course, it’s in good fun and an innocuous gimmick. Unless you’re looking to be outraged.

A customer unhappy with the gimmick sent in her complaint, which I got my hands on:

“I understand that you run a business and that not everybody is me, however for people like me without family deals like this feel discriminatory. Where’s the orphan as an adult 20% off?”

Somewhat ironically, if Eisenberg were to offer an “orphan as an adult sale,” he’d then likely get some complaint from a customer who isn’t an orphan. There’s no winning.

When I asked Eisenberg about the complaint, he didn’t want to out the customer but did call out this culture of always feigning outrage.

“It seems like people are waking up looking for something to be outraged about,” he told me. “Not upset, not intellectually challenged, but outraged! In order to be cool in their peer group, they have to have an enemy. It doesn’t matter that the enemy is 90 percent their ally but whatever small slight they can find is enough to set them off?

He doesn’t get email complaints like this every day, but Eisenberg does note this is happening too often.

“Any perceived slight is a direct attack on them personally,” he complained. “An outright assault.”

But he has a simple suggestion: “… Ike’s sells weed! Smoke a joint and chill.”

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