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Boston Dynamics
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What will you do when you’re approached by Boston Dynamics’ headless dog?

A small robotics company called Boston Dynamics has become an internet sensation with its video of a running man robot dubbed Atlas.

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Here it is, upright on two legs, striding confidently across a grassy field, then breaking into a run, and finally jumping across a fallen log.

Excellent potential as a hiking companion for people with no friends.

Except the engineers designed it without a head. It ends at the shoulders.

But its stride is so human-like. I thought the video had to be fake. It looks so real.

This means Marvel Studios won’t need special effects someday.

It also means we can’t keep talking about these things like they’re off in the future because they’re here.

Boston Dynamics’ four-legged dog-bot, the MiniSpot, goes on sale next year. No head, but walks just like a dog and is completely self-guided. We’ll have to decide what we’ll do when we’re approached by one of these things.

They’ll have to be programmed to defend themselves because they’re going to be bullied for having no heads.

Will they just shake it off, or summon the drones. I vote for the drones. Bullies have it coming.

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