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Dori: KeyArena delay shows Seattle does nothing well

LISTEN: Dori: Key Arena delay shows Seattle does nothing well

The Seattle Center remodel of KeyArena is apparently behind schedule. They are hoping to have hockey here in two years, and were hoping to begin construction in September of this year. Now they’re telling us that that schedule is too aggressive.

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What do we do well, as a city? I asked that question a couple of days ago. The sea wall was $100 million over budget; the streetcar was $60 million over budget. Now KeyArena is behind schedule. We don’t do anything well around here.

How do we demand accountability if we let people stay in office?

We do everything backwards — we pass a tax and then figure out how to spend the money. What business could stay in operation by selling people a bunch of stuff and then figuring out what to give them after they’ve paid for it? Would you deal with any company that had that policy? “Pay us, and then we’ll decide what you bought.” That’s how things are being run around here.

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