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WATCH: Woman sprays Seattle pizza shop employees with bear spray

Seattle police are searching for a woman who covered employees of a pizza shop with bear spray. It was one of two such incidents at the same South Seattle shop within four days.

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The incident happened on May 11, 2018 at a pizza shop in the 3700 block of Rainier Avenue South in Seattle. According to police, a woman walked into the pizza shop, took a look around and left. She soon returned with a can of bear spray and yelled at employees. A man holding a toddler accompanied her.

After yelling at them, the woman sprayed five pizza shop employees with bear spray and fled the store.

Employees were treated by the Seattle Fire Department at the scene. The restaurant was closed to clean up the irritant, and food was thrown away in case it came in contact with the spray.

A second woman came into the shop four days later on May 15, with yet another can of bear spray. Police say that woman has been apprehended and arrested for witness intimidation. She was booked into the King County Jail.

Anyone with information about the first female suspect in the above video is asked to contact Seattle police by calling 911 or 206-233-5000.

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