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On the morning of January 23rd, 2006 my phone rang while I was eating breakfast. I had a sore throat so my "hello" was weak and hoarse. The voice on the other end of the line sounded exactly like mine and said "We have to go." I knew who it was and I didn't want to hear it. I knew this call was coming, I didn't want to hear from this man so I hung up.

It was my brother, Marc, and we had parted the previous afternoon after attending the NFC Championship where the Seahawks defeated Carolina to advance to Super Bowl XL. We were both hoarse from screaming at Jake Delhomme. Marc is an original Seahawks season ticket holder from the 1976 expansion season (he was 16) and we had just witnessed both playoff games to send the Seahawks to Detroit. And he thought we needed to go.


My childhood with Marc was hit and miss as he is five years older and rarely tolerated me. When he occasionally took me along to Seahawks, Mariners, Sonics and minor league hockey games it was special. I would shut up, stay out of the way, and just soak up the passion he had for sports. Now he was coming to me, hourly, hoping I would come with him to a sporting event. One that I'm sure was on his bucket list.

And if money had been no object I would have agreed immediately. But this ex-con was barely getting back on his feet and the price tag, just for me, on the Super Bowl trip was $5,200. NOPE! I'm a big Seahawks fan, but there was NO WAY I would have paid that money if I wasn't going to experience the weekend with my brother. He kept calling me saying "we had to go" and I kept hanging up all day and night. I was getting ready for bed and Marc called one more time. He wore me down. He won. I picked up and croaked "Yeah."

That's how we found ourselves on an early morning flight Friday before the game. The flight attendants on our charter assured us that they had stocked three times the normal amount of alcohol, yet ran out somewhere over North Dakota while we were doing the "SEA"....... "HAWKS" chant across the aisle. Ours was the first Seahawks fan charter to arrive in Detroit so all the news crews were there. Later, at our hotel (which was not much closer to Detroit than when we left Seattle) we saw ourselves stumble through the airport on a local newscast.

We had a fantastic weekend in Detroit as Marc was out of his mind happy. Even after our rocky start as siblings we managed to become best friends in the years since. And before we would watch the Steelers would win we had supreme confidence. The confidence was no doubt fueled by the open bar we drank dry before drunkenly shambling over to Ford Field and up to our 300 Level corner perch to watch the game. When it was time for our guys to run out of their molded steel Seahawk tunnel the PA fired the entrance music of Bittersweet Symphony. I don't know if Marc was having the same reaction as it was raining so hard on my own face I couldn't be a reliable witness.

Lord Grantham and Hodor Kotb are right. The Verve's song IS an odd choice for "storming the field" intros as are the norm in the NFL. But it works for me, so kiss my biscuit! We were happy in that moment, and $5,200 is a small price to pay to be with my brother for that weekend. Standing atop a pile of great memories, I stand by my decision.

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I haven't heard yesterday's show yet but something strange and scary happened to someone I know in Seattle yesterday and I need your help. My friend, Stefan, was driving his Prius in SODO after having just volunteered for 12 hours at the food bank, when he witnessed some scofflaw in a tricked out Toyota 4Runner jabbering on his phone speeding through a red light. Stefan, being a good citizen, pulled up next to this yuppie and informed him of his crime.


The guy, whom Stefan described as an "angry Lord Grantham type", did not take the news well. This rageaholic fell in behind Stefan and followed him all the way around the city back to Fremont! Stefan's girlfriend Cilantro was also in the car and was so upset she turned down KUOW and called 911. The police were no help, however. They said they were too busy handing out Doritos to stoners and shooting dogs to assist on a car stalking.

Finally, Crazy Lord Grantham peeled off, presumably to either get gas or resume terrorizing Miss Bunting, but Stefan and Cilantro were pretty shaken up. Not only were they late for feeding the chickens they keep behind their tiny house, but their recumbent kayaking plans had to be cancelled. Please, if you know anything about this crazy man let me know. We have to get this maniac off the streets.

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For once I am in TOTAL agreement with Andrew. His rant about the new "Pizza Siri" from Domino's was spot on. When I think about how much I curse at Siri while merely trying to find drive thru hours at Torchy's Tacos I'm sure ordering pizza from her would be a nightmarish fusillade of swears.


It's difficult to watch Heart's These Dreams and not wonder how much cocaine was consumed during the filming. It's easy to make fun of how dated everything is, but it was quite an accomplishment to contain Nancy Wilson's hair in the same frame as her face. And let's not forget that these hairstyles are still de rigueur in Lynnwood and most of south King County.

And where do we start on 4 Non Blondes? What's Up? I'll tell you what's up. Until last night I had never made it past the first 15 seconds of this video due to Linda Perry's painfully constructed 90s "I don't care what you think of my whimsical outfit" of unlaced boots, peasant dress, leather top hat, and aviator goggles. I would always turn the dial with a snarl until I suddenly realized it was video gold. Starting with the drummer, who seems woefully miscast as a lesbian. She looks like a single mom who agreed to the gig just so someone else would watch her screaming toddlers crush Cheerios into the carpet for a couple days. "Here, throw this flannel shirt on and people won't know you like guys." Then there's the cornrowed bass guitarist who is butch enough for everyone. She looks like Eminem had a baby with this particular Angry Bird. The guitarist is mystifying. Emily nailed it when she said it looked like Anthony Kiedis won a contest to be in a 4 Non Blondes video. She is the only one I'm scared of. Finally, there's Linda Perry, who might be the only woman brave enough to attempt a fashion mashup of Jeff Ament and Slash. While I'm taking some shots at her style it should be noted that it takes a lot of courage for anyone named Linda to try to be cool.

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If you don't like sports talk in general and football talk in particular please feel free to take the next couple of weeks off of TBTL. Yes, football is a game played by other people who don't care about us and our fan worship. Yes, it's more evolved to care about other things, ways we can make changes in our lives and the world in general to make it a better place. But this is the Super Bowl and it's a cultural phenomenon that, through good fortune for Seahawks fans, involves our team again.


Please feel free to check the feed to see if there is something that interests you during these shows leading up to the game. I'm sure every show won't be all about football. And with the miracle of modern electronics you can just scrub through the parts that don't interest you. I don't like the Song of the Summer Contest, but I know thousands of TBTL fans love it. So I don't throw up negative posts or comments about it. Do you derive pleasure from being the floater in the punch bowl?

If you really want to steam Luke's clams then I suggest holding the sword of your TBTLathon donation over his head. But if you don't mind backing down over these two weeks and letting us babies have our bottle it would be appreciated. We're all precious flowers and our opinions matter right up until the time that they don't. And this is that time for you, Benny Buzzkill.

My "government" is Mike Frizzell. Friend me on Facebook where I keep pushing for Patriot suspensions because I'm scared of playing them in the Super Bowl. Follow me @drewmcfrizz on Twitter. Check out Takedown Podcast's FB page.

For the first time in the history of the internet someone made an argument that changed my mind. Last night, my friend Nathan Adams posted a meme on the TBTL No Point Conversion fan page. It's of a fisherman jerking a football away from the Green Bay player just as he is about to recover the onside kick and cinch the game for the Packers. This was shortly after the game and in my aggressive emotional state it made me laugh. Then my other friend Edward Madson commented that this meme was obnoxious, uncool fan behavior. After giving Ed a Wet Blanket Award I went back to watching post game coverage.

Ex-coach Brian Billick was on the NFL Network explaining what happened on that pivotal play. Brandon Bostick, a backup tight end for Green Bay, is a member of the "hands team" tasked with recovering onside kicks. His assignment was to make contact with one or more Seahawk defenders to stall them just for a moment while Jordy Nelson caught the arcing kick. Well, the ball bounced up so perfectly toward Bostick that, even though had ONE JOB (to block) he couldn't help himself from trying to snatch the ball out of the air and win the game, even though Nelson was perfectly poised to come down with it as planned by the Packers.

Bostick whiffed on the ball, it bounced off his facemask and the Seahawks recovered the kick. Without knowledge that this was more than just a physical error it seemed the Packers coach was being a complete jerk to Bostick as he berated him coming off the field. Now, with this new information I was siding with the coach. Just do your one little job and they go to the Super Bowl! Now the kid has to live with the implications.

Last week Luke was talking about the "replacement ref" who made the questionable call in the Fail Mary game a few years ago. He is still haunted and harassed over a play with much less clear implications. Bostick has a bigger burden. Because he couldn't resist trying to play heroball on one play his team is done for the season. Aaron Rodgers' legacy shines a little less brightly, and Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy's name starts to appear in sentences that contain words like "embattled."

But imagine if Bostick had made the play. High fives all around and a trip to the Super Bowl but do the Green Bay coaches reprimand the kid? Whether or not he caught the ball, going after it was the wrong move. Does he get benched and cut after the season? Would the media have noticed or cared about any of this?

Then I saw Brandon Bostick in tears during an interview after the game the fisherman meme came back to me. Here is a kid who made a mistake, admitted it, is sorry about it, but because of the nature of some sports fans will live in infamy and shame forever. I'm sorry I laughed, guys. For every near impossible comeback there is a seemingly inconceivable mistake. Brandon Bostick reached for heroism and came down with an armload of derision. That should be enough punishment. He doesn't need the sTens piling on.

My "government" is Mike Frizzell. Friend me on Facebook where I embarrassed myself by giving up on the Seahawks 25 times during the game. Follow me @drewmcfrizz on Twitter. Check out Takedown Podcast's FB page where we just posted a show with Monica Hamburg from the Dazed and Convicted Podcast.

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