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Andrew is now into GTA. Luke can't operate those new fandangled complicated controllers. Game of Thrones blah blah blah.

You're caught up!

I've been waiting for some sort of One and a Half Men segment to chime in on since it turns out I'm a woman. I think it's super lame that Diane Feinstein was called out for supposedly being too emotional. I'm with Luke that this issue is something worth being emotional about whether man or woman. The part that got me was when they made the point that if John McCain were to break down, he'd be revered as this deep feeling hero, but if a woman does it, well, maybe it's just that time of the month.

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I imagine studies have been done pointing out that, in general, women are more emotional than men. Or they reveal their emotions more often than men. I don't think anyone would be surprised by a statistic like that. But what's a bummer is when people take that generalization and use it to undermine someone's position. Emotions most often equal passion. My husband loves it when I get super angry because it means I'm passionate about something. If Feinstein got a little emotional about the topic, it means she's passionate about it. That should bolster her opinion—not take away from it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm going to go watch Sesame Street and cry.

-Toni Hammer // whitestten@gmail.com // @realtonihammer

The guys somehow knew that my Friday posts were of a more self-examining nature even though they don't read the blog. It was a weird meta psychic moment I'm sure.

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I think the gents brought up some good stuff about happiness and what makes us happy. I gotta say this, and Andrew knows I love him, but his lack of some sort of creative endeavor makes me sad.

I think we all need a "thing." We all need something that is ours. It has no connection to our partners, spouses, children, or boss. (In my case, my children are my boss. I keep trying Luke's idea of "my child, my enemy," but by dinnertime I'm spent and just let them have the house while I sit on the kitchen floor hoping they forget my existence.) We all need some sort of creative outlet that's ours. Something to look forward to that reminds us that we are more than a spouse, more than a parent, more than a drone in a cubicle. Yes, work and family is super rewarding, but I firmly believe that if we're taking time for ourselves, we're going to be better people in all aspects of our lives.

For my husband, it's magic. Yes, my husband's side job is being a magician. A magician married to an albino. No, I don't know why we don't have a reality show yet. My "thing" is writing which is why I do all this work for little or no money. It's my thing. It's what I look forward to doing after the kids are in bed and I have some downtime. It's what helps me feel like a complete individual in my chaotic life.

What's your thing? Do you have a thing? Do you think it's important to have a thing or do you disagree? Let me know and have a great weekend!

-Toni Hammer // whitestten@gmail.com // @realtonihammer

TBTL Song of the Day: Get Happy by Judy Garland
My Song of the Day: The Happy Song (Dum Dum) by Otis Redding

Yesterday's post got eaten by the interwebs which is actually good for all of you because it was pretty bad.

Not as bad, though, as me sitting here trying to come up with commentary on paint colors, baseball, and how the exception proves the rule.

I would've chosen the paint color Sweatshirt too since it's the only one that actually sounded like a gray. Here's a quick aside…

Gray is currently my favorite color. My favorite color for years was orange. Why? Well, in true TBTL fashion, I've been to therapy at two different points in my life. During one of these times, I worked through a bunch of issues... obviously. A lot of the stuff I worked through had to do with me hiding from people, whether in how I avoided letting people inside my brain or hiding via how I dressed - think muted colors and baggy sweatshirts. After my breakthroughs, I started wearing more bright colors because, dangit, I wanted attention. I deserved that attention. So orange it was. It was actually one of my wedding colors much to mother-in-law's dismay.

Sorry this was tedious to get through. I'm not smart enough to weigh in on the exception/rule conversation so... color and therapy is what I had to work with.

One more quick aside! On this here blog, Lou Haney suggested that since my music taste is not so great, I crowd source the song of the day to you guys! So email or tweet me your suggestions for a song of the day and if it fits my fancy I'll put it up!

AND (why are you still reading?) I took five seconds to set up a gmail account so if y'all have thoughts, opinions, compliments, or want my address so you can send me cookies, drop me a line.

-Toni Hammer // @realtonihammer // whitestten@gmail.com

TBTL Song of the Day: Prove it All Night by Bruce Springsteen
My Song of the Day (for Lou): Ten Thousand Angels by Mindy McCready

Confession: I hate upworthy-ish videos. I know you all expect to me rail on the guys and disagree with everything they say, but I'm totally on board with Luke about these. I hate them. I can't even read the title of them without seeing red. They get under my skin and make me breathe fire which creates quite a hazardous environment for my children. Down with upworthy!

hand in a box

More confession: If you tell me to listen to a song, or watch a movie, or watch a video because it's "so good," I guarantee I won't do it. For some unknown reason, if something is insanely popular I run away from it. I don't want to be a part of it. My children will never see the movie Frozen because of its popularity. I'll tell them the exact same thing Andrew "Hard Rain" Walsh would say: I'm sorry.

Never one who wants to end on a down note, here's an embarrassing story. My Mom, sister, and I would all watch Northern Exposure together. That's not the bad part. That's actually pretty cute. The bad part is during the theme song, we would do this ridiculous dance. Let me guide you through it. Take your hands, put them by the top of your head, and point up. Now alternate lifting one pointer finger, then the other, in a rhythmic fashion above your head; kind of like you're poking holes in the sky. Now sway back and forth as you do it. That's what we would do. The Moose Dance. I actually had to fight the urge to do it when Burbank played the song.

You've all gained a whole lot of insight into my very pale mind. I gotta go figure out how to get on HuffPo now.

-Toni Hammer // whitestten@gmail.com // @realtonihammer

P.S. On this here blog, OutLikeALamb suggested I start doing a Song of the Day. My music taste is atrocious by 99% of people's standards, but I'll try and do less 90's country than I want to.

My song of the Day: Cloud Nine by Ben Howard

So Andrew and Luke got problems. Andrew seems to be suffering from macular degeneration but is afraid his place of employment will implode if he leaves early to get it checked out, and Luke is being attacked by tiny gnomes thanks to CrossFit. I'm glad I found out about the gnomes before I signed up. Gnomes be scary.

The gents made a comment that at least the discussion of their problems should make all of us feel better about ours. This was a nice little nod to Professor Emeritus Jen Andrews' desire to end global loneliness. We're all connected through this podcast. We're all listening, laughing, and crying together while we listen. While Luke and Andrew may think their problems aren't worthy of sharing, and they're boring us to tears, I gotta say it really does make me feel better about my life. Not in the sense that I'm better than them because I'm so not, but in the sense that these are two normal dudes living their normal lives and it makes my life seem a whole lot more normal.

All of us go throughout our day and gather our stories. Whether it's getting a pat on the back at work, or being run over by a grandmother with a shopping cart in the dairy aisle, we all have myriad of things going on in our life. It's nice to be able to come home at the end of the day and realize that regardless of our geographic location or life station, we're all alike in some way.

Cue cheesy music here. What is it with me and Friday postings getting all Hallmark-y?

Stay tuned to the blog, friendos! I'm working on a fun little weekly segment that could put some TBTL swag in your life. (Does swag mean "stuff we all get" like Michael Scott has led me to believe?)

And finally, thanks to everyone who checked out my web site, followed me on Twitter, emailed me, etc. All of your kindness makes me wanna do this for a little bit longer than two and a half weeks.

-Toni // whitestten@gmail.com // @realtonihammer

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