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The Little Red Book of Obamunism: Quotations from The One
It's the must-have election resource of 2012! It's a pocket-sized collection that reveals not just what the president says, but what he means!
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Kumar Joe, The Singing Crow
Kumar Joe, the Singing Crow is the tale of a little crow who was born with a heart for music, but not a voice for it.
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Predicting the consequences of Seattle's $15 minimum wage

There was little doubt that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's and Socialist Councilwoman Kshama Sawant's dream of forcing a $15 minimum wage on big and small businesses across the city would happen. So, what now? What outcome can we expect after the implementation of the highest minimum wage in America?

Backlash over $15 wage plan

After the Seattle city council moves the $15 wage plan forward, a small businessman calls the process a "charade"

Godzilla: Again the King of All Monsters

As a kid, my mom would take my sister and me to the Stanwood library for our weekly book checkout and I would make a beeline for the "monsters" section scouring the available books for all things Godzilla related.

New $15 wage poll shows big shift in support

Support for a $15 minimum wage has changed in an unexpected way since a poll taken in January.

Florida teacher stops student from reading bible

In Florida, a teacher tells her student that his beloved Bible is not permitted in class, and the school district refuses to respond

Why the Benghazi affair is here to stay

David Boze and Ben Shapiro talk to journalists covering the Benghazi affair about why information comes slowly, and why the controversy is not going away

Michael Medved: Want money for buses? Kill the train

King County Executive Dow Constantine says he's "very disappointed" after early election returns show voters rejecting a proposed sales tax hike and increase in the car tab fee to pay for roads and prevent cuts to Metro Transit bus service.

Conservatives are the true environmentalists

"Tree-hugging liberal" is a term that illustrates the common view that the left is the party more aligned with environmental causes, but could it be that conservatives are the true environmentalists?

Pierce County could sway state in GOP's favor

Pierce County GOP chair Bob Lawrence talks to David Boze about key races in the region that could flip control of the state House and Senate to the GOP

College president calls it failure if college stays as white as it is

Western Washington University president is under fire for saying, "if we are as white in ten years as we are today, Western will have failed as a university"

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