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Seattle astronomer discovers four planets before she turns 30

Seattle astronomer, and NASA Carl Sagan fellow, Sarah Ballard talks about how she discovered four planets before she turned 30. She also discusses the recipe for getting more women to work in the sciences.

Domestic violence survivor understands why Ray Rice's wife defends him

One day after new video surfaced of NFL star Ray Rice knocking out his wife in a hotel elevator, many people are questioning how Janay Rice could defend her husband.

From Vashon to Vietnam, take a farming vacation with WWOOF

WWOOF is a network of organic farms, all around the world, that provide free room and board for travelers who agree to work on their farm. Work can range from picking and planting to goat milking and cheese making.

NBA update: Hawks sale unlikely to help Seattle, but TV deal could boost effort

There's little hope an NBA owner's announcement he'll sell his share in the Atlanta Hawks will lead the team to Seattle. But insiders say there is more reason for optimism about the league's return to Seattle thanks to a new report out Monday.

Injured 7-year-old touches Russell Wilson's heart

McKenzie Harris and her family had no idea when he visited her at Seattle Children's Hospital that he was impacted by the meeting as much as she was.

Should assault allegations keep UW QB Cyler Miles from starting?

Quarterback Cyler Miles will start Washington's home opener against Eastern Washington on Saturday, but not everyone is happy about the decision.

Unschooled adults flourish despite the stigmas

Last week I told you about unschooling, an at-home education where parents give the children full control over what they want to study. We heard from parents in kids who are currently being unschooled, but this piece is about college graduates who talk about their unschooling experience.

What will happen to Everett's infamous bikini barista stands?

After the owner pleads guilty to prostitution, several bikini barista stands are being handed over to the city of Everett. Now what?

Chef in the Shelter teaches homeless teens to cook

A brand new non-profit called Chef in the Shelter sent Ethan Stowell to Union Gospel Mission's Hope Place to teach a cooking class to the teens who live there. It's intended to be a monthly event at three different shelters, with several different local chefs participating.

Don O'Neill questions latest bikini barista bust: 'They should just legalize that'

Last week, the owner Java Juggs, a well-known series of bikini barista stands in south Snohomish County, was charged for allegedly running drive-thru brothels.

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