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Getting McKenzie some wheels

After her medical van broke down on the side of the road recently, a local Keller Williams agent is hoping to get McKenzie Harris and her family more reliable transportation.

Owners of a Bellevue Quiznos are serving native Indian flavors with a twist

The owners of the Bellevue Quiznos franchise are Indian, and so are a lot of people who work in Bellevue, so they got special permission to add chicken and paneer tikka sandwiches to the menu. The chutneys are homemade & the sandwiches are selling like crazy. This may reflect a new trend towards Indian fusion flavors in the West.

See the Lombardi Trophy at the EMP's new Seahawks Exhibit

The new Seahawks exhibit opened at the EMP today, with a ribbon cutting ceremony headed by team owner Paul Allen and Coach Pete Carroll.

Federal court allegedly upholds right to publish Facebook anti-cop page

Facebook has reversed course and removed a controversial page that glorified the killing of cops including a Lakewood officer, but a federal judge has reportedly ordered the company to restore it.

A White House chef is bringing his dishes to Port Angeles

John Moeller cooked for three Presidential families between 1992 and 2005, and this weekend he'll be cooking some White House dishes, from his new book, at the Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival in Port Angeles. We chatted about presidential palaces and life in the White House kitchen.

Widow of murdered Lakewood officer fights graphic anti-cop Facebook page

Almost five years after the death of her husband in the ambush of four Lakewood police officers, a Facebook page is ripping open the wounds for the widow of one of the victims.

Seattle City Councilmember wants paid maternity/paternity leave for all city workers

Right now in Washington state, companies can choose whether or not they provide paid family leave for employees. But Seattle City Councilmember Jean Godden thinks it's important to give all city employees, moms and dads, paid time off to be with their newborns. Only one other city municipality in the country already does this.

Chill out 12s, the Seahawks won

I turn on some of my favorite shows in sports radio today and I listen to the callers and then I listen to some of the emails that were read and I was just shocked.

Micro-housing battle heating up with big decision expected from Seattle City Council

The battle over micro-housing in the City of Seattle is heating up with a major decision expected from the Seattle City Council next week.

Should you trust government assurances when it comes to deadly health threats?

When there's a serious health concern in a community, should you automatically trust the government when it gives the all clear, or should you continue taking extra precaution?

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