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Nibs, the nibberhood cat, has brought nibbers in Fremont together

Seattle's Carl Sander says his five year old orange cat, Nibs, has always been a wanderer. Thanks to a Facebook page, he's learned that Nibs has hung out with hundreds of people in the neighborhood (or as they call it, the nibberhood), often entering homes and businesses to sleep and play. So in honor of National Night Out, Carl created Nibsfest 500, a community party in Nibs honor with a fundraiser to benefit The Retired Seattle Police Canine Fund.

How could parents go 24 hours before calling 911 about missing 6-year-old?

KIRO Radio's Don O'Neill is among those wondering how a family could wait nearly 24 hours to call 911 about a 6-year-old's disappearance.

Bellevue Police say victim's bravery led to pimp's federal indictment

An Auburn man has been indicted for sex trafficking and forcing two young women into prostitution. And Bellevue police say a brave young victim gets the credit for helping bring the sex trafficker to justice.

Ron and Don: Gas Works shooting recordings show new policies put police in danger

The Seattle Police Department has released recordings between officers and dispatchers from an incident that led to the fatal shooting of a mentally disturbed man in Gas Works Park. And KIRO Radio's Ron Upshaw and Don O'Neill say it underscores how officers are being put in an unfair and potentially dangerous situation because of new city use-of-force policies.

An Ode to Dr. Seuss

Who doesn't know the work of Dr. Suess? The legendary children's author wrote 43 books during his 50 year career. Soon, there will be one more to add to that list. So, in his honor, I've decided to deliver this story... Seuss style.

Passing notes: Is texting and Twitter less significant than classic teenage note passing?

Inspired by a folder full of high school notes, found by two local, lifelong 42 year old friends, a story that compares and contrasts the value of hand written notes, and the electronic communication teens engage in today. Is one better than the other? The note passers seem to think so.

'Ghost tenants' live in luxury homes at apartment prices

How can you live in a $3,000 a month, 4,800 square foot home for just $1,200 a month? A company called Showhomes, a real estate staging company, chooses hyper-clean people to live in vacant homes, in the hopes of adding new life and encouraging a quicker sale.

Whidbey sailor hospitalized following world record pull-up attempt

An NAS Whidbey sailor remains hospitalized recovering from injuries he suffered trying to break a world pull-up record. But Mike McCastle tells the Ron and Don Show he'll heal and try again.

116 years later, Seattle Police honor a fallen officer

It was Easter Sunday when Seattle Police Officer Thomas Roberts was walking his beat near 18th and Jefferson on First Hill.

Investigation underscores growing sex-trafficking problem in Bellevue

Bellevue's interim police chief says a widespread sex-trafficking investigation involving a Bellevue anesthesiologist underscores a significant problem on the Eastside and across the country.

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