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Fear not, dear readers. I will not be boring you with more talk about Bitcoin because I understand it less than Luke and Andrew. We do our best to live a cash only existence in our home so I'll probably get on board with Bitcoin about six months after everyone else has moved onto the next big thing. I'm not one to follow the cool things because they're cool. In actuality, I purposefully avoid the cool things because I think it makes me cool to not be cool.


Are we cool?

Seriously, though, I was really into the gents' discussion about Dave Chappelle and The Wire and people's motivations for being a fan of certain things. I have totally been one to advertise myself as something simply because I wanted to be in the cool kids club. Being a vegetarian was one of them. I mean, yeah, I had done the research and was into the whole health aspect, but deep down I really enjoyed feeling a little smug when I would tell people I didn't eat meat. Thankfully I got pregnant with my daughter and my daughter wanted a burger. Who was I to argue? I did it with music, too, when I was younger. I had some cool friends who listened to whatever the cool, indie bands were at the time and I felt a little better than everyone else who just listened to the pop stuff on the radio. I have most definitely regressed back to my roots and couldn't tell you ten popular songs these days-cool or otherwise.

What IS cool, though, regardless of space or race or time, is Song of the Summer! I can't wait until the voting begins! Don't forget to get your nominees in!

-toni hammer // whitestten@gmail.com // @realtonihammer

What got me into Emoji's was pure jealousy. "All of my friends are adding cool pictures to their texts and Facebook posts. I have to do it too!!!" I'm kind of weird about them though. I either add only one to a text or three. If I just use two it seems incomplete. Any more than that and I feel like I've become a tween. So one or three are the magic numbers. Some favorites of mine are the thumbs up, heart, and the face of utter confusion. I probably use that one the most when I'm telling a friend something one of my kids have done… like peeing in the vegetable drawer.

(And if you're interested in reading my thoughts and experiences in unplanned parenthood, feel free to like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, or check out my blog. Just a thought.)


I don't remember a lot about the OJ chase. I was a bit on the young side so I don't think I fully grasped what was going on. It's really interesting to think that was the event that launched a thousand 24/7 news channels. Where would the news be today without OJ?

I'll end this super boring post on a fun note: Song of the Summer! Get your nominees in! It's going to be fun! I'm hoping, and I'm sure a lot of tens disagree with me on this, but I'm hoping at the very least the winner is a song performed in the English language. Call me a nationalist patriot, but that's how I feel.

-toni hammer // whitestten@gmail.com // @realtonihammer

When Luke first said that American Top 40 was kinda lame, I admit I got super upset. Like #YesAllWomen upset. Not really! I kid!

I was a touch offended, though, because I grew up listening to that and whatever the country version of it was. America's Country Countdown I think. That was a big part of my childhood. And Delilah. Man, I listened to the radio a lot as a kid. I remember I had a yellow Walkman with the cheapest headphones available and I'd listen to all those shows when I should have been sleeping. I think at one point Delilah actually read one of my dedications on the air. Pretty sure it was Butterfly Kisses or something that I dedicated to my Dad. Oh memories. By the end of the episode though, I completely agreed with Burbank that Top 40 was pretty schmaltzy. But I think when we view our childhood memories through adult glasses, most things look that way. Maybe it's the cataracts.

Much like the gents, I was also into Duck Tales, but my favorite was Darkwing Duck.

I had this old red cowboy hat I'd put on, and I'd tie a blanket around my neck, and I was DW. I'd creep around the house looking for danger. I think all I found was my sister getting into trouble.

Anyways. That's my embarrassing nostalgic TV cartoon story. What's yours?

-toni hammer // whitestten@gmail.com // @realtonihammer

Steve Scher is officially my hero. This super notorious guy just decides one day, a week after turning 60, "Yeah... today. Today is my last day." Boom. Done. What an awesome time in life that must be where you've worked hard, you've made your mark, you've done your thing, and now it's time to move on. How scary and awesome that must be. Sincere kudos and good luck to him on his new ventures. And a major… well, congratulations seems inappropriate, but I'm way stoked for him that his tinnitus is waning. I hope his story gives others with the condition an extra dose of perseverance.


And we heard not one, but two, incidences of Rudy going after peeps at the dog beach. I think I'm with all of you who said she needs to be trained before she's allowed off the leash. Rudy convinced me.

Don't forget Song of the Summer! Have a great weekend everyone!

-toni hammer // whitestten@gmail.com // @realtonihammer

TBTL Song of the Day: Castles Made of Sand by Jimi Hendrix
My Song of the Day: Listen to Your Heart by DHT

I know today's pic is totally random so I feel the need to explain it. I wanted to find a funny kissing picture, but the funniest I found was of a lady kissing a pig. I didn't want to somehow insinuate that Andrew was a pig, or the girl was a pig, or anyone was a pig. So then I tried to think of a random animal and plugged in giraffe to the site I have to choose pics from. And this one came up. And I think it's hilarious. End story.


New story.

"Time for the obligatory kiss."

Oh Andrew.

To ease Andrew's embarrassment I'm going to tell two other foot in mouth related stories.

A friend of mine was telling me how he broke up with a girl in high school. He felt bad, but knew he had to do it and agonized over the right words to say. What did he come up with?

"I've got to cut the fat out of my life."

To his credit, like Andrew meant to say customary, what my friend meant was that he needed to remove the distractions in his life to focus on school or whatever. That message didn't exactly come across.

The other story is about me and my husband. The first time I broke up with him was because he said this:

"Can I just put you on the back burner for awhile and see if things work out with this other girl?"

I told him no. And then cut him out of my life entirely. Then we ended up getting engaged four months later. Love is funny.

What's not funny, but very serious, is Song of the Summer. Be sure to click on the button and get involved!

-toni hammer // whitestten@gmail.com // @realtonihammer

TBTL Song of the Day: The Golden Age by Beck
My Song of the Day: The ShoopShoop Song (It's in His Kiss) by Vonda Shepard

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