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This is the best podcast you will ever hear done by one man in an abandoned wheelchair and another who is placing his romantic relationship in deep biscuit over a harmless prank. OK maybe not the best but definitely in the top five.

As far as the latest round of Hollywood reboots "Ghostbusty" sounds the most promising. An all-female cast could breathe fresh air into the franchise. The problem with bringing back Twin Peaks is it was kind of a train wreck to begin with. The most upsetting one was the TV show based on Say Anything, but really how upset can we be by any of this? We have thousands of entertainment options so it is easy to avoid what we don't like. And as far as John Cusack's objections? Just give him a pen and tell him to get lost.

Curbside check-in is a real thing and I'm surprised Luke has never used it. It's great if you are running late or you have a lot of steamer trunks to check before you fly to a tropical island to jump into a volcano. What's $5 per bag/trunk for someone recently diagnosed with a fatal "brain cloud?"

Andrew has a great idea for a fantasy TV show league. I have a feeling Luke's team would be all naked and working cold case murders. My team would be completely DVR'd and always be playing from behind. Andrew also says he would not hesitate to have someone paged in an airport. Neither would I, Andrew. Please pick up the white courtesy phone….. meow.

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tbtl cat


Andrew, like you I have lived as a fugitive. I know what it's like to live in fear. Not knowing whom to trust or where to turn. How did they get to my girlfriend? Why did Toni the blogger choose THIS week to step aside? Can I be sure they haven't gotten to my co-workers? Well, sir, you might think you're safe in your ivory basement in Santa Monica producing your fancy public radio show. But think about it. Do they have motives? You steal jokes from them, take off in the middle of the day to party down over at the DMV, sometimes you don't even get to work before 6:15. You are not safe. You have no sanctuary.

The next time your dad calls you from a Courtyard by Marriott are you confident he won't put the receiver up to his laptop speaker and let the fur fly? And don't click that horribly misspelled conservative blog post on your sister's Facebook page because she might also be doing you Dirt. If the affable Bean Baxter from KROQ's popular morning radio show Kevin & Bean is on board how far does the conspiracy go?

To quote the late Senator John Blutarsky "Was it over when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! And it ain't over now. Nothing is over until WE decide it is." Andrew, we are not to be mocked or trifled with. One of us drives a Toyota Yaris so you KNOW we have nothing to lose. This is the part where the terrorists usually make their demands. But we are not terrorists, sir. We are but simple folk doing a kickass job at TakedownPodcast.com (cue the AC/DC) and you will continue to suffer at our merciless hands.

I'm killing it all day and every night @drewmcfrizz on Twitter. You can also friend me on Facebook because I'm nice to everyone except Jo Ellen McCawley. I go by my "government" Mike Frizzell.

Most of this episode recapped the blowback Luke received over his CBS Sunday Morning commentary. It was a lighthearted piece about people who watch other people watch video games. And if you watched the CBS piece, you saw a video of a person talking about watching people who watch people play video games. At this point I think we all need to go outside and clear our heads.


It turns out that gamers (and those who watch them) are sensitive about the hobby and the attendant stereotypes. They came after Luke on social media and even on our own sTens Facebook page. Why are they so touchy? I think it's because they know deep down it's a waste of time. If someone came after me about the charity work I've done it wouldn't bother me at all. But start talking about my addiction to cheese and we have a problem.

I was 10 in 1975 when my older cousins got Pong for Christmas. I watched them play for hours, but only because I was waiting for them to take a bathroom break, start fighting, or fall asleep so my brother and I could have a turn. If you're watching for other reasons, bless your heart, but maybe you should go outside and do some wooden boating. My tombstone may say I wished I had played more Donkey Kong but it won't say I wish I had gone to the Staples Center to watch some pasty Korean teenager play Halo 5: Guardians via satellite.

If you find Luke, Andrew or TBTL offensive please pre-bunch your panties and come over to TakedownPodcast.com to check out my show. It will offend you almost immediately and keep offending until you turn off the radio with a snarl because you SUDDENLY REALIZED we were talking to you.

I'm killing it all day and every night @drewmcfrizz on Twitter. You can also friend me on Facebook because I'm always nice. My "government" is Mike Frizzell.

Toni picked a good time to take a staycation from her highly paid position as TBTL blogger. She can finish her book and I (who failed at writing a book) can pick up the torch for an episode that could only be matched in Luke introspection by the "San Diego Soliloquy Show." In that episode Luke was in a pirate costume waiting for an PA to take him to an embarrassing gig. In this episode he is driving to Portland dreading his fancy, high-profile LiveWire gig. Same dread, different gig.


I can identify in a couple of ways. Before I moved to Austin to marry Emily I used to do two things for a living that I hated:

1) Public Speaking
2) Driving to Portland

Just like Luke I was good at these things but dreaded them. I'm much happier now that I co-host a lightly listened to podcast (TakedownPodcast.com) and rarely have to drive very far to encounter hipsters. I was also shocked a while back when the iTunes numbers showed my podcast with huge (for us) listenership, especially for the episodes with Walsh, Burbank, and Pesca. It's a relief to know that it was just a few diehards checking in.

Here's hoping Toni gets to sleep in past six and Andrew the Cuyahoga Clam enjoys a three day TBTL weekend without getting cat-rolled.

If you want more Toni you can find her at ToniHammer.com or on Twitter @realtonihammer and I'm killing it all day and every night @drewmcfrizz on Twitter.

I'm on the downward slope to sickness so I'm writing this in bed. I couldn't come up with much to say about Wednesday's show other than repeating the best line ever from Burbank, "Eventually we'll evolve something."


And tonight I was all set to write something amazing… and then they played a poop song and made some heinous accusations about my political leanings. I'm not saying if they're right or wrong, but I am saying that I believe in the separation of politics and podcast blogging and they crossed the line.

So I stopped listening.

(This is a mockery of a sham. I'm sick. Have a good weekend.)

-toni hammer // whitestten@gmail.com //@realtonihammer

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