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Listener Kelly's story of "Squatch the Snow Globe" is a new TBTL holiday classic. It shows how the Facebook page has evolved as a community of people who support each other. Please know that no matter what you need the sTens will come through for you. Unless what you need is someone to watch an online vacuum product demo. That will get you banned from the sTens for at least a week.

TBTL Drinking Game:

•Take one sip whenever Andrew says "colleague"
•Take two sips when Andrew apologizes for what he's about to say
•Take three sips every time Andrew apologizes for what he's saying
•Pound the whole beer when Andrew apologizes for what he said earlier

This game should be played at home. If you must go out make sure you have an Uber discount code so you don't end up paying $300 for a ride during peak "Cuyahoga Clam Apology" pricing hours.

dave barry

Is anyone else excited to play football for Coach Genevieve? Nerf footballs, no punting… but the best part will be when she gets bored and leaves before halftime. Then we can do whatever we want. Maybe have an ugly holday sweater party? Whatever happens make sure no one invites Jo Ellen McCawley. That basic bee can go play football for her boyfriend Jim Harbaugh.

My "government" is Mike Frizzell. Friend me on Facebook where I'll help you celebrate your lumbersexuality. Follow me @drewmcfrizz on Twitter. Check out Takedown Podcast's FB page we just posted a delicious show on snacking.

I'm so disappointed in this tweet. For years I followed Best Buy on Twitter, relying on the electronics superstore as a moral compass and beacon of propriety. And now this? I couldn't believe they would be so glib as to make a joke about something thousands of us have been having fun with for months. I'm canceling the extended warranty on our relationship. Best Buy's crass japery has driven me into the earnest, consoling arms of Fry's Electronics. I'm just glad Circuit City isn't alive to see this.


dave barry

When I moved to Austin and was not yet working I volunteered at the Austin School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Like Luke and Andrew I saw myself as an esteemed narrator, the next Dick Estell, if you will. While they didn't rebuff me completely I did have to produce and direct audiobook projects for many months before getting a chance to unleash my golden pipes. One day the "talent" didn't show and ol' Clip Clop got behind the mic. Not to brag, but somewhere out there a pissed off blind person is wondering who let a drowning kitten narrate their electronics textbook.

My "government" is Mike Frizzell. Friend me on Facebook where you can't stop me from posting picuress of guys with really fun holiday beards. Follow me @drewmcfrizz on Twitter. Check out Takedown Podcast's FB page where our banner is a lovely and memorable family vacation photo.

Andrew Walsh is a baby. Anyone who says he hates cheese but still eats pizza is a baby. Anyone who compares Brazil nuts to Macadamia nuts is a baby. And probably also a smoker who has completely burned out his taste receptors. Andrew Walsh eats pastrami sandwiches from Subway regularly. This is a manchild who must be stopped.

dave barry

Luke had his own problems on yesterday's show. You can actually hear his blood boiling when people start getting excited about the royal family. It bothers me, too. I can understand people in England still getting worked up because it's part of their heritage. But Americans who spend hours waiting for a glimpse of some dude who fell out of Diana's butt and dude's wife? What is that? It's worse than spending the day watching people play video games.

Listener David, aside from being a fan of Johnny Manziel, seems like a fine fellow and staunch Ten. I think we all get a little carried away on Twitter from time to time. Like when I spent two days tweeting as a styrofoam tub of ranch dressing. I was a hero to people in Texas but no one else really vibed with it.

My "government" is Mike Frizzell. Friend me on Facebook where with your help and some sketchy conservative blog links we WILL solve racism in America. Follow me @drewmcfrizz on Twitter. Check out Takedown Podcast's FB page where I've finally made peace with that basic bitch Jo Ellen McCawley.


dave barry

Andrew Walsh, proud alumnus of St. Ignatius HS and childhood chum of painfully inept Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer, has been described by his longtime lover Genevieve as a furry. CC denies this but who would know better than Vieves? I think it's for the best. If you have thin skin your should cover it with as much fur as possible.

I've worn a mascot costume many, many times. I've bowled, played basketball, baseball and soccer, even done choregraphy to this song while wearing a pizza slice suit. I regret nothing. It's the only time anyone has ever asked for my autograph. It might sound crazy but it ain't no lie, baby, bye bye bye.

"Dave Barry, a pulitzer prize winning columnist is dealing with his life in the suburbs together with his wife and two sons. Also starring in the series are Dave's two amazingly stupid neighbors." This is the imdb synopsis for the 1994 show Dave's World. I'd rather staple my yambag to a runaway dogsled than watch one minute of this show. But I remember a simpler time when I was a kid and would watch anything on TV. Especially if it was sports. UPS Loggers basketball games on tape delay, WTC Tennis. If it was on after my parents went to bed and it was a sport I was watching. And we all know I turned out fine.

My "government" is Mike Frizzell. Friend me on Facebook where my timeline reveals that in early October I was convinced Ebola would go airborne. Follow me @drewmcfrizz on Twitter. Check out Takedown Podcast's FB page, where we have a different and very unsettling take on #FurryGate.

On Thursday's show Andrew learned how to pronounce Lompoc, California. There is a federal prison in there and I was incarcerated with a lot of guys who had previously done time in Lompoc. At least half of them mispronounced it as Lom-poke and not the correct Lom-pock. We convicts say the dumbest things. Yet some sleuthing has revealed that both may be acceptable. Shout out to the late Grammar Lady! And this whole TBTL search for town pronunciations was very coincidental with a recent incident at Chez Clip Clop.

A few days ago Emily was listening to an Ann Rule true crime audiobook while I was in the room. These books often anger me. because no one takes the time to look up how to pronounce names of the different towns in which the bad guys are doing crimes and/or hiding out. So the narrator bungles the pronunciation of Tonopah, a small city in Nevada, and I get a little huffy. Emily, as she often does, questioned my knowledge so I went to the internet to prove I knew how to pronounce it. And this is what I found. I don't watch the news, but apparently Tonopah, Nevada is a great place to visit.

hockey fight

I'm sure there will be some Johnny Manziel talk on TBTL Extra Pointless tonight, so I wanted to get out in front of it with my opinion. The Cleveland Browns decided to stick with Andrew's high school chum Brian Hoyer at quarterback for this week and many people are upset that little Juan Futbol won't be making his first NFL start. I can't wait to see the tiny dirtbag get mangled either, but let's relax. The Browns still have a chance to make the playoffs so they elected to start a regular sized man at QB. This is a defensible decision and let's face it, little Johnny will have plenty of years to jump up on a milk crate and survey NFL defenses in the future.

My "government" is Mike Frizzell. Friend me on Facebook where I'll argue with you about police brutality until you'll pray for the sweet release of an officer-involved death. Follow me @drewmcfrizz on Twitter. Check out Takedown Podcast's FB page, where we have a secret club where people trust a 38 time felon with their email addresses.

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