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Video: Instant karma for road rage driver

"That's what you get," says a driver who captured what she deemed a fitting end to her beef with a driver that was aggressive with her on the road.

Young boy really didn't want another sister

Watch as a young boy learns what the sex of his parent's new baby will be.

The mob at SeaTac?

You think a 10 percent sales tax is bad? How about a 33 percent sales tax?

Video: Is clear cutting to blame for Oso mudslide?

Is clear cutting to blame for the deadly Oso mudslide? One man has posted a pretty compelling argument on YouTube based on an analysis of Google Earth satellite imagery of the area over a number of years.

Some anger, frustration with initial search response in Oso mudslide

There's growing frustration from some criticizing rescue efforts following the massive Oso mudslide.

911 calls from Oso mudslide released

911 calls from the deadly Oso mudslide reveal the growing realization of the scope of the devastation that wiped out an entire community and left at least 14 dead.

Snohomish County Executive overhwhelmed by scope of mudslide devastation

Snohomish County Executive John Lovick has seen plenty of destruction in his years on the State Patrol and as Snohomish County Sheriff before his latest role. But he tells KIRO Radio's Dori Monson he's never seen anything like the devastating mudslide that left at least eight dead and over 100 missing.

Video: Dori meets Mitchell the professional cuddler

Everybody needs a little human touch, and one enterprising Seattle man is hoping some people will pay for it.

Why Jimmy Fallon is now Dori's most hated man

You usually have to be ripping off taxpayers or lying to voters to really get on Dori's bad side, so it's a bit surprising his current MHP (most hated person) is Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

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