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WSDOT Secretary responds to Dori Monson's I-90-closure conspiracy theory

The Washington Department of Transportation will be bringing a portion of westbound I-90 to one lane next week. The lane closures are expected to cause 10-mile backups. While WSDOT says the closure is about replacing aging expansion joints, KIRO Radio's Dori Monson has another theory.

Was tolling agency really in the dark about upcoming I-90 closures?

The agency that sets and manages the tolls in Washington state told The Seattle Weekly on Monday that they were never given advance notice of the I-90 lane closures beginning Friday that is predicted to cause 10-mile backups.

Kids snap selfies starring Paul McCartney, Warren Buffett

Check out who this kid captured in his selfie.

25 years later: The Game Boy isn't that impressive

For kids in the 80s, the Game Boy was the coolest, but for kids these days, it's not that impressive.

Dori Monson: There's a real ethics problem in the City of Seattle

I've been following this story of Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes violating city policy when he bought pot last week and brought it back to City Hall.

I-90 lane closures are part of conspiracy to get Good to Go transponder on every car

Starting this week, they're shutting down I-90 so they can replace some expansion joints. This is part of this grand conspiracy.

Yikes! Married at First Sight trailer is scary

A new show where people are expected to marry on their first meeting looks a little terrifying.

First man to buy legal pot in Spokane may lose his job

The first man to buy legal pot in Spokane is now facing an uncertain employment future.

Video: Man saved in dramatic helicopter rescue

A hiker was saved during a dramatic rescue on a rock face in Washington.

Washington woman eating only pet food for a month

The co-owner of Paws Natural Pet Emporium is so confident in nutrition in certain pet foods she's willing to eat it for a month.

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