Don't Be An Idiot
Jason Rantz has some pretty simple advice if you're looking for a job
Among the Elite
Make that 7-0 for Wilson & the Hawks against Peyton, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees
Record Homeless
New data says a record number of public school students in our state are homeless

Lynch grants rare interview on 'The Barbershop'

Marshawn Lynch opened up about his charitable work, his upbringing in Oakland, and his reluctance to speak with the media.

Seattle officials 'hit the reset button' on pot tickets

Seattle Police and prosecutors are starting over and planning a new strategy to enforce the law against using marijuana in public.

Rantz: I-594 cites bad example for gun control

Jason Rantz says I-594 makes good arguments about why universal background checks are a good idea, but they got it wrong this time.