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Scientists hoping to restore salmon in Ellensburg

The settlers who founded Ellensburg in the 1870s were likely drawn by the plentiful water in creeks crisscrossing the valley, but as the city expanded, it grew right over those streams.

As Blue Angels return, so do I-90 bridge closures

As the Blue Angels return to Seattle for Seafair, so do Interstate 90 bridge closures.

Tom Tangney: Pierce County Council resolution to display 'In God We Trust' irrelevant and political

A member of the Pierce County Council is proposing a permanent and prominent display of the national motto "In God We Trust" in the council chambers.

Sea star disease strikes Washington marine centers

The disease wreaking havoc on wild sea star populations on the West Coast has struck captive collections on Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

Senator repays more expenses after questions arise

State Sen. Pam Roach will reimburse the state more than $4,500 for mileage she charged to pick up mail at a post-office box where she received both legislative and campaign mail.

Long-time Seattle radio host Bob Rivers announces retirement

Bob Rivers thanked his listeners as he announced his retirement on his Monday morning radio show on KJR.

Washington's largest wildfire remains contained

Despite rising temperatures, fire crews battling Washington's largest wildfire have been able to keep hot spots from spreading beyond containment lines.

Police using GPS, radio signals to track missing children

Technology commonly used to protect the elderly who tend to wander away is now a tool for police to track down autistic children and other missing kids.

3.6 earthquake shakes up central Puget Sound

A 3.6 magnitude earthquake shook up the central Puget Sound area Monday morning.

Former Seattle Mayor Paul Schell dies

Former Seattle Mayor Paul Schell, who led the city during the World Trade Organization protests in 1999, has died. He was 76.

Washington suspect's escape is short lived

A 29-year-old man managed to escape from the Grant County jail on Sunday, but was apprehended less than three hours later.

California man presumed drowned in Ocean Shores

An 18-year-old California man is missing and presumed drowned in Ocean Shores after a strong rip current pulled in a group of people.

Tough time for crews digging in front of stalled Bertha to make repairs

Digging under Seattle, as crews have learned the hard way, is not easy to do.

Dry weather, warm temps for the next week across Washington

Dry weather is in the forecast and the Northwest isn't expected to see rain for over a week.

On busy Lake City Way, buses cut 2 traffic lanes down to 1

Buses are responsible for getting hundreds of cars off the roads each day, but who loves running late?

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