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MELT/ Pilates Workshop
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Occurs every Thursday
2:15 pm - 3:15 pm
Young Pilates and Fitness
2100 Thorndyke Ave W
Seattle, WA 98199
Plus One Foundation offers 2 free four week Pilates/MELT classes

February 21st – March 14th
March 21st - April 11th
Thursday’s 2:15 – 3:15

The Plus One Foundation will be sponsoring two free month-long introductory Pilates class at Young Pilates and Fitness in Magnolia taught by Pilates and MELT Method instructor Nikki Naab-Levy. The class will use the MELT roller and balls as well as the Pilates apparatuses. It will be geared towards people with moderate symptoms from neurological disorders, such as MS, traumatic brain injury or Parkinson's.

The class will cover basic Pilates principles and will include exercises that improve body awareness, balance and core strength. MELT Method techniques will also be included in the class, allowing participants to self-treat for general alignment issues at home. No prior experience is necessary to take this class, however, it will include basic movements that are performed seated and supine (lying down), so it is recommended that participants feel safe transitioning on the equipment, which could include going from standing to seated on a low surface or lying down.

Participants in this class will receive a free MELT ball kit and roller as well as handouts on exercises that they can perform at home.

To sign up, participants can call the Plus One Foundation at 206-285-0628 or email

For any questions regarding the workshop, please email