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Occurs every Friday, Thursday, Wednesday
time varies
Bherd Studios
8537 Greenwood Ave. N Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98103-3613
Opening reception: Fri, March 8 from 6:00 – 9:30pm
Showing through Fri, April 5

Bherd Studios and Home Suite Home (Greenwood Art Collective) have been busy tying up the phone lines and playing a game of telephone with their artists. Telephone is the visual-arts version of the telephone game: where a sentence is whispered from person to person, becoming more garbled with each repetition.
How do you play telephone with paintings? One artist creates an original work, photographs it, and sends it to the next artist who creates a piece based on the themes of the first—and so on down the line. With only the prior reference to consult, some artists remain strictly faithful to the previous piece, while others embellish and transform, altering the thread as they do. Some threads veer dramatically from their origins, while others end up uncannily similar to the first piece. The longest thread in the exhibition is eight pieces long – does it stay intact or go sideways? Get in the whisper chain to find out.

Co-curated by John Osgood (Bherd Studios) and Solace (Home Suite Home), Telephone's threads will be on display at both spaces, and pieces are available individually.

Participating Artists: Aaron Jasinski, Amy Huddleston, Andrea Wicklund, Augie Pagan, Carlos Aguilar, Curtis Ashby, Chris Sheridan, Crystal Barbre, Dan Voelker, Ego, Jeremy Gregory, Joe Vollan, John Osgood, Larkin Cypher, Levi Hastings, Mat Savage, Megon Shore, Parskid, Quincy Quigg, Siolo Thompson, Sam Wallis, & Tatjana Pavicevic.