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Evelyn Woods: Dwellers and Barbara Robertson: Snap!
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Occurs every Saturday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday
time varies
Davidson Galleries
313 Occidental Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98104-2839
(206) 624-1324
First Thursday: June 6 6-8pm
Upcoming Exhibition: June 7-29, 2013

Evelyn Woods: Dwellers
Davidson Galleries is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition Dwellers, new oil paintings by Evelyn Woods. Formerly known for her meticulously rendered, black and white still lives of machines and nostalgic ephemera in charcoal, Woods has shifted focus towards her primary inspiration - nature. In this new body of work, the artist explores the tree as subject. Removing these familiar forms from their contextual landscape allows the subject to be explored with a renewed perspective. Her depictions are sensitive, up-close and evocative portraits, embodying the essence and unique personalities of these organic forms.

Barbara Robertson: Snap!
Snap!, Barbara Robertson's new body of mixed media on paper, is infused with jazz and bebop rhythms that inspire the viewer to snap their fingers and move their feet. The artist maintains an impressive tension in the work by walking the fine line between unadulterated exuberance and solid composition, technique and handling of her materials. Robertson has always been interested in exploring ideas related to space, motion and light, and is in this body of work thinking of sound and its physical properties. She explores sound waves, layered and overlapping; imagining what sound looks like and what the images in her paintings would sound like. Some of the works will include audio of original musical scores, composed by Johanna Melamed, inspired by the piece.