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17th International Festival of Improv
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - Saturday, June 22, 2013
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Unexpected Productions' Market Theater
1428 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101
206 587-2414
On June 16th-22nd, some of the best improv artists from around the world will converge, to Unexpected Productions' 17th International Festival of Improv. In honor of our 30th Anniversary, this year's theme is "Between You and Me: The Audience as Improviser". Exploring the relationship between performer and audience member.

This year's Festival will feature improvisers from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada and the United States.

Unexpected Productions' audiences will have the unique opportunity to see these International masters of improv during evening performances throughout the week. This is our first major event since we have returned home to the Market Theater, at Pike Place Market. We invite you and your friends to join us!

Wednesday 6/19 Trio Showcase 8:30

From the Three Little Pigs to the Three Stooges, three has always been an important number in comedy, theatre, and storytelling. There is magic in threes, especially when they are improv artists from around the globe. Come see multiple trios of international teams take the stage.

Thursday 6/20 Translation 8:30

During Translation, performers improvise in their native tongue. Someone may be speaking Japanese to someone who speaks German or Italian! Even though, the audience may not speak the language, they will understand the communication transpiring

Friday 6/21 Audience Improv 8:30
Saturday will draw from this theme the relationship between the performers and the audience.

Saturday 6/22 Audience Improv 8:30
Saturday will draw from this theme the relationship between the performers and the audience.

Friday/Saturday International Theatresports 10:30
6/22 - 6/22
International Theatresports, two teams of improvisers standoff against each other in a competition of wits scored by a panel of judges! This high-energy, fast-paced show is theater, sports, comedy, and improv theatre all rolled into one. This weekend's Theatresports will have an international flair, in which foreign and domestic teams battle it out for "improv world domination."

Tickets for individual shows are $15 and $30 for an all-festival pass.