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Skid Road
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Occurs every Saturday, Friday
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Unexpected Productions' Market Theater
1428 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101
206 587-2414
Skid Road: A historical, hysterical improv based on Seattle's history

Seattle was founded in water and fire, by some of the biggest sons-of-bitches this side of the Mississippi! They fought, schemed, and betrayed each other, but they'd be dammed if they didn't end up creating a hell of a city. Now, we bring a dark, comedic, improvised version of that history and the city.

Skid Road asks the audience what problems they want to pit against the founders, profiteers, prostitutes and degenerates of the fledgling city, and then lets then sit back to watch the hilarious fight. Starring some of the finest improvisers and actors of the Northwest and the oldest improv theater in town, Skid Road is amusing, a foul-mouthed, rougher-than-life take on the gritty beginnings of the City of Seattle.

It will involve the history of Seattle and some of its founders: Arthur Denny, William Grose, Doc Maynard, Henry and Sarah Yesler, Mother Damnable, Charlie Terry and others.

Loosely inspired by HBO's Deadwood, the plays of David Mamet, and the true history of Seattle, Skid Road is a fully improvised retelling of how profiteers, prostitutes, criminals and drunkards schemed, connived, fought, and yet somehow still managed to create a city. The language will be irreverent and poetic, the content rough, always funny sometimes violent.