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RENT the Musical
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Occurs every Saturday, Friday, Sunday
time varies
$16 and $18
LWHS Performing Arts Center
12033 NE 80th Street
Kirkland, WA 98033
Young Local Artists make their mark in RENT the musical!
Redmond, WA, May 31st, 2013- CORE Theatrics proudly presents RENT the musical featuring 32 local students. 
When it premiered in 1996 at the New York Theatre Workshop, Jonathan Larson's RENT fortuitously coincided with the 100th anniversary of La Bohéme, the renowned opera upon which RENT was based. But, while Giacomo Puccini's 19th­century work portrays young Parisian bohemians dealing with landlords, love, and tuberculosis, RENT's cast of young, disaffected artists and performers, philosophers and junkies, lovers and fighters hunger for love and creative fulfillment in the face of the fast ­approaching 21st American century, with the AIDS epidemic and the class struggle wracking New York City as a backdrop. 
Audiences would be swept away. The show was unlike any staged before, with its stunning musical score incorporating pop, gospel, tango, blues, and rock 'n roll, and its roster of sympathetic characters whose relevance and freshness carries through to this day. Adding to the show's mystique its creator, Jonathan Larson, ­­only 35 years old at the time­­died suddenly following RENT's final dress rehearsal. It is almost as if his show, his seven year labor of love, became his own story, a reminder to celebrate life and pursue one’s dreams even in the face of death.
Come and celebrate these young adult artists as they tell a story none of us should forget!
RENT the musical is a R show recommended for ages 16 and up. RENT is directed by Marianni Groves,  musically directed by Paul Linnes, and choreographed by Sheri Lewis.