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NW Loopfest
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Thursday, October 10, 2013 - Friday, October 11, 2013
8:00 pm
J & M Café
201First Ave. S.
Seattle, WA
Cover is $10 per night

Seattle The J & M Cafe, 201 1st Ave South

Oct 10th, 8pm: Noah Peterson, Karma Bomb, Isaac Thompson, Tukso Okey, Hans Lindauer, Clifford Dunn, cellotronik, Eric Muhs, Moongriffin, Chris Ingold, Forrest Roush

Oct 11th, 8pm: The Damaged Done, Stephen Briggs, Lucid Brain Integrative Project, The Genie, Bill Walker, ANI, Rejyna, Eastside Industrial, Consumer, Polemic Contriver


Portland Analog Cafe & Theatre 720 SE Hawthorn Blvd

Oct 12th, 8pm: Noah Peterson, Polemic Contriver, Bill Walker, Moongriffin, The Genie, Lucid Brain Integrative Project, ANI, Clifford Dunn, The Damaged Done, Eastside Industrial, Chris Ingold, Forrest Roush

Oct 13th, 4pm: Eric Muhs, Karma Bomb, Gideon Freudmann, cellotronik, Rejyna, Hans Lindauer, Stephen Briggs, Isaac Thompson, Eric Buchner, Consumer, Ben Beauvais, Forever Growing
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