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Seattle Design Festival
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Friday, September 13, 2013 - Sunday, September 22, 2013
time varies
Design Festival Design Block 9/21-22
143 S. Main St
Seattle, WA 98104
The 2013 Seattle Design Festival runs from Sept 13 to 22, city-wide. On Sept 21 and 22, there will be many free public activities at the Design Block on Occidental Ave South in Pioneer Square. More info, tickets and reservations at:

The Seattle Design Festival is the region’s largest public design event that, every September, brings together experts, city leaders, and citizens to celebrate and explore the ways design improves the quality of our lives.

The 2013 Seattle Design Festival theme is ‘Design in Health’ exploring the connection between environmental design and health & well-being. Design can improve health by: promoting physical activity, increasing access to healthy food, reducing injuries, improving air and water quality, minimizing stress, and strengthening the social fabric of communities.

For the third annual Seattle Design Festival “Design in Health” we will provide 60+ events. The Festival features large scale installations, home tours, walking tours, films, lectures, exhibitions, competitions, activities, and temporary parklets. The hub of the Festival will be at the ‘Design Block’ in Pioneer Square.

The Seattle Design Festival is open to the general public, of all ages. Everyone who has been curious about buildings, parks, transportation, interior design, graphic design, digital apps and objects can engage in a dialogue about design and how design improves our lives.