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ENDICOTT Exhibition - Opening Reception
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Friday, November 1, 2013 - Saturday, November 16, 2013
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Turnspace Studio
129 W. Third St.
Moscow, ID 99163
In October 2012, sixteen architecture and interior design graduate students from
Washington State University spent three days in Endicott, a small town of just under three hundred residents. Staying each night in the Endicott Trinity Lutheran Church, the students set out to absorb the atmosphere of the town through intensive, firsthand personal experience. While a typical architectural site visit may only last for a few hours, this group spent over seventy-two hours observing the town thoroughly. During the stay, the students documented their experience of a self-selected site in town by sketching, photographing, and employing other self-directed exploratory methods.

After returning from Endicott, each student attempted to render their individual
observations and experience in a wooden diorama box. Inspired by Marcel Duchampís final work, Etant Donnes, the diorama medium allowed students to explore the qualitative dimensions and psychological aspects of place, filtered through memory, from a single fixed point-of-view through an aperture. The atmospheric and theatrical nature of the diorama medium placed the focus on translating each individualís multivalent lived experience rather than replacing the experience with traditional abstract architectural representations.

This exhibition, will run from November 1st through the 16th, displaying several dioramas produced by the students, as well as a series of pictorial stories and visual commentaries created by the photos of eight students taken during the visit. Only a select collection of the stories have been displayed in this exhibition, but along with a number of others have been consolidated into a publication that is available for you to purchase. We would like to thank the people of Endicott for their generosity and enthusiastic embrace of the project.