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Columbia City Comedy Show Presents Rodney Sherwood
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Columbia City Theatre
4619 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144-6923
We are so excited for this show! We've wanted to bring Rodney Sherwood to the Columbia City Comedy Show for the longest time as he's one of the most electrifying and downright hilarious comedians we've come across.

COME ON!!! .......down to the beautiful and historic Columbia City Theater on Wednesday March 5th as we bring you a great comedy show!

Theater Doors and Box Office Opens at 7:00 PM!
Show Starts at 7:30 PM!

Tickets are $10

Advance Tickets Available Here

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We're excited to bring you Rodney Sherwood as your headliner!

"Sherwood is fast on his feet with a motor mouth to match.
Jokes, tall tales, life re-enactments, twisted observations and a continuous ongoing mania simply spew from him.
His non-stop energy borders on the very edgy and there's often no telling what direction he's likely to head next.
Its just part of what makes him so surprising and so entertaining." - The Seattle Times

We're excited to welcome Anthony Robinson as your feature!

Anthony Robinson started comedy on accident at a lesbian owned cafe in Kansas City, Missouri during an open mic night in 2006. Not even wanting to be a comedian, one of the show runners asked him to display a talent at their open mic, and he wound up displaying what would be the trademarks of his comedy set for the past seven years:: the combination of spontaneous brilliance and well written social commentary. Off the cuff, on the cuff, or even in handcuffs; Anthony Robinson is a good time. He is the winner of the 2013 Punchline Comedy Competition held at Jai Thai, Seattle.

We're excited to welcome Mona Concepcion!

Mona Concepcion is the only female Chamorro comedian in the world which makes her more unicorn than Pacific Islander. Hailing from the tropical island of Saipan--a real place--she has made Seattle her home.

She has spent the last two years performing all over the west coast, from the largest Chamorro festival in the country to the smallest bar in Kent. Her comedy cuts through the underbelly of life as a mom to two boys, wife of a much older white man, and Pacific transplant who mostly learned about America through bad 90s TV.

We're excited to welcome Kiera Giordan

Kiera Giordan (aka That Funny Gal) is a comedian, producer, radio host, writer and voiceover actress from Denver, Colorado.

Kiera began entertaining people at the age of 12 when she started entering speech competitions in the categories of "humor" and "improv". From there she quickly moved to the live theater stage. Kiera was accepted into the highly acclaimed Theater Conservatory at DePaul Unive