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SPT’s Youth Program Presents the World Premiere of Maggie's Diner
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Occurs every Saturday, Friday, Sunday
7:00 pm
Seattle Public Theater at the Bathhouse
7312 W. Green Lake Drive N.
Seattle, WA 98103-4816
Seattle Public Theater’s (SPT) Youth Program presents a World Premier of Maggie’s Diner, written by SPT Youth ensemble member, Frank Garland and directed by Gregory Award-winning playwright, Wayne Rawley.

Four [free] performances: Friday, May 2 @ 7pm, Saturday, May 3 @ 2pm & 7pm, and Sunday, May 4 @ 2pm. Admission to all youth performances are free to the community. Donations are encouraged to support SPT’s Theater Youth Program and to offer student tuition assistance.

Maggie’s Diner is on the brink of financial ruin and the café’s sole waitress, Liz, doesn’t know how to save it until Linda and her Truthseeker Movement start holding meetings there. The money starts rolling in, but along with the crush of new customers comes a flood of painful accusations and revelations, forcing Liz and her loyal regulars at Maggie’s Diner to face the consequences of telling the truth. The bonds of friendship inside the diner are stretched to the breaking point as the movement becomes a full-blown phenomenon and the Truthseekers’ demands spill out of the diner and into the street.

Directed by Wayne Rawley (Theater Scmeater’s LIVE! From the Last Night of My Life, SPT’s Youth Program’s Salesgirls of Nowhere, and playwright of Attack…of the Killer Murder of Death!), Maggie’s Diner is written by Seattle Public Theater Youth Program ensemble member, Frank Garland (Another Dead Caesar), and features the acting talents of Aaron Sterne, Alex Helme, Claire Kiersky, Eileen MacDonald, Emma Blessing, Gabe Airth, Jake Gordon, Julia Schoemig, Leigh Kiker, Leo Campbell-Klein, Mae Lederman, Nathanial Mascis, Oscar Loveless, Skylar Tibbetts, and Sophia Trombold. Maggie’s Diner is stage managed by Aliza Cosgrove and assistant stage managed by Finn Johnson with the design talents of Katherine Draves (Lighting Design), Leela Berman (Sound Design), Carmen Oldham (Sound Design), Alaina Neuburger (Props Design).