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Brock and Salk
Seattle sports talk with Brock Huard and Mike Salk, weekday mornings from 7a to 10a on 710 ESPN Seattle.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Mike Blowers buying the Mariners' winning ways
Root Sports' Mike Blowers tells "Brock and Salk" he would like to play for Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon.
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July 23, 2014 - Hour: 3
Weíre trying to figure out Russellís ceiling, but can you do that by saying WHAT and not WHO? And just how far has the evolution of the pre-snap quarterback come? Taijuan Walker is back up from Tacoma to take the hill tonight against the Mets; what do we need to see from him?
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July 23, 2014 - Hour: 2
Mike Blowers joins the show and talks Mariners, identity, and World Series contention. Also Brock and Salk dig through the mess that is Michael Sam and Tony Dungy. Plus find out which two Seahawks were named two of the most underrated players in the league?
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July 23, 2014 - Hour: 1
It has taken a while but, has Jack Z. built a World Series contender? A World Series maybe farfetched but, the way pitching and defense have been dominant thereís no reason we cant make some noise in the playoffs. How do you feel about Felix and Iwakuma sustaining this level of production? And Rams Head Coach, Jeff Fisher, weighs in on the Michael Sam situation and reacts to Tony Dungyís comments.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014
July 22, 2014 - Hour: 3
What is the biggest question going into training camp? Do you think the Seahawks will retain Sydney Rice or let him walk? Its back to Mariner trade talk and Taijuan Walker is still the cog of conversation. Former major league GM, Jim Bowdin joins the show and talks trade deadline and just how in or out the Mís should be.
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July 22, 2014 - Hour: 2
We start this hour wrapping up the Tony Dungy/Michael Sam conversation. ESPN writer, Dan Wetzel joins the show defending his article about Dungyís comments. Training camp starts Friday, what should we expect from Marshawn Lynch and his contract dispute? Are you okay with giving him more money if it does not affect the cap? And does cheating pay when it comes to the SEC and college football?
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July 22, 2014 - Hour: 1
Itís a sellersí market in Major League Baseball, but the Mariners clearly need to find a way to spend effectively. Is David Price worth four potential starters? Is Brandon Maurer transformation sustainable? Plus, Dustin Ackley is batting .340 in July, is this the start of something big for him? And were Tony Dungyís comments regarding Michael Sam wrong or real?
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Former GM Jim Bowden on the Mariners' trade options
ESPN's Jim Bowden tells "Brock and Salk" the Mariners should go all-in before the trade deadline, as this is their best shot at a world series in over a decade.
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Monday, July 21, 2014
July 21, 2014 - Hour: 3
What is the number one thing we learned about the Mís this weekend? Clearly the lack of runs is still a problem, but is that the only problem? How did you like the competitive smack talk between Rodney and the Angels? Would you like to see more of it between teams in the same division? Also does one power bat push us over the top?
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July 21, 2014 - Hour: 2
Former NFL referee, Mike Pereira says that the league will emphasize defensive holding/contact. But why? And how does that bode for the Seahawks? And Ron Jaworski comes out with his annual Quarterback rankings and Russell falls to number nine. Is that too high, to low, or just right?
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July 21, 2014 - Hour: 1
Are you upset with Fernando Rodney's cockiness? Would the result of the game against the Angels have been different if he didn't shoot the arrow in the eighth inning? Does this mean the Mariners need to press for a bat now? Brock and Salk discuss that and Salk shares his miraculous story from his weekend in Vegas.
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Friday, July 18, 2014
July 18, 2014 - Hour: 3
With the loss of Golden Tate who is going to be the guy that makes your jaw drop? Maybe Percy Harvin, Paul Richardson, or Marshawn Lynch? Its list season, and Brock and Salk give their top ten list of lists.
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July 18, 2014 - Hour: 2
At this point, seven games above .500, what grade do you give the Mís right now? There is a lot of speculation that the Mís are negotiating with the Rays to acquire David Price, and Ben Zobrist. But what are you willing to deal away in order to get them? And find out why James Paxton and Roenis Elias could be the most important players to the Mís second half success. Plus what effect would Russell Wilson have on the other NFC West teams if he were the quarterback? Do they get better, stay the same, or get worse?
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July 18, 2014 - Hour: 1
The most boring weekend in sports is behind us and the Mariners will return to action tonight against Anaheim. Sitting at 51-44 heading into the second half of the season why do you think the Mariners are where there are?
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Thursday, July 17, 2014
Dave Cameron on how the Mariners should approach the trade deadline
Dave Cameron of FanGraphs tells "Brock and Salk" about some hitters and pitchers who could help the Mariners.
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