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Brock and Salk

Seattle sports talk with Brock Huard and Mike Salk, weekday mornings from 7a to 10a on 710 ESPN Seattle.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

  • December 1, 2015 - Hour: 2
    CBS Analyst Phil Simms joins the show for a Seahawks discussion, we take you Around The NFL, and Good News, Bad News, No News.
  • December 1, 2015 - Hour: 1
    The Seahawks are getting chippy! Do other teams still fear the Hawks defense? Brock and Salk discuss the Seahawks news of the day in Need To Know, John Clayton's Morning Drive, and Blue 42.
  • December 1, 2015 - Hour: 3
    What can the Seahawks accomplish over the rest of the season? Are they capable of going on a run and finishing as strong as the 2014 Seahawks? Plus, the weekly Damon & Drew Show and Answer The Question Jerk!

Monday, November 30, 2015

  • November 30, 2015 - Hour: 3
    Brock and Salk recap the Apple Cup and the Huskies blowout win of the Cougars. Also, we bring you the weekly Pete Carroll Show following Sunday's game.
  • November 30, 2015 - Hour: 2
    What We Learned! Name this segment for Big Kyle as we recap the game. Good News, Bad News, No News, and Chalk Talk with Brock.
  • November 30, 2015 - Hour: 1
    Brock and Salk bring you the best day-after coverage of the Seattle Seahawks with Need To Know, John Clayton's Morning Drive, and Blue 42.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

  • November 25, 2015 - Hour: 3
    In the Best of Seahawks Spotlight, we bring you the two rookie stars of the week, Tyler Locket on Tyler Locket, and Kevin Pierre Louis on Thomas Rawls. For Seahawks tickets, the callers decide what Thanksgiving dish best represents individual Seahawks players. And of course, Dave Wyman and Bob Stelton Answer The Question Jerk!
  • November 25, 2015 - Hour: 2
    Davy Wyman and Bob Stelton continue the conversation previewing the Seahawks Steelers game. Sound from Michael Robinson about Marshawn Lynch and Three Questions with Boy Howdy.
  • November 25, 2015 - Hour: 1
    Dave Wyman and Bob Stelton sit in for Brock and Salk: they bring you a Pre-Thanksgiving smorgasbord of sports conversation in Need To Know, John Clayton's Morning Drive, and Blue 42.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

  • November 24, 2015 - Hour: 3
    Brock and Salk continue the hour discussing the Seahawks. Damon Huard and Drew Bledsoe join for the weekly Damon & Drew Show. Finally, Answer The Question Jerk!
  • November 24, 2015 - Hour: 2
    Boy Howdy brings more radio gold with further homages to Seattle's diminutive running back sensation. In Around the NFL: CIN-AZ, IND-ATL, STL-BAL, GB-MIN. In Good News, Bad News, No News: Mike Leach, Robinson Cano, and Jon Snow.
  • November 24, 2015 - Hour: 1
    Brock & Salk talk to the Huskies coach, Chris Petersen and bring you the sports news of the day with Need To Know, John Clayton's Morning Drive and Blue 42.
  • Huskies' Chris Petersen previews the Apple Cup
    Washington head coach Chris Petersen tells "Brock and Salk" about the challenges they Huskies will face and the advantages they'll have against Washington State in the Apple Cup.

Monday, November 23, 2015

  • November 23, 2015 - Hour: 3
    Boy Howdy puts together a selection of Thomas Rawls parodies; Chalk Talk with Brock Huard on the Seahawks secondary; The Pete Carroll Show.
  • November 23, 2015 - Hour: 2
    Marshawn Lynch and Thomas Rawls represent the past, present and future of the Seahawks. The Apple Cup is on Friday; what does it mean for each team? Also, Good News, Bad News, No News.
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