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The Barbershop
The Barbershop is a sports talk radio show unlike any other. Hosted by legendary Seattle Seahawk Marcus Trufant, and his partners Terry "T-Holla" Hollimon and Gee Scott, The Barbershop is about more than just stats and scores. They bring humor, first hand experience and candid interviews with the best athletes and celebrities in the business. The laid back environment that they create will have you feeling like you are in an actual barbershop! Welcome to The Barbershop - It's for The People!
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Saturday, December 20, 2014
Cliff Avril on signing a contract extension and why he wanted to avoid becoming a free agent
They say free agency is something all athletes want to experience, but why did Cliff Avril want nothing to do with free agency? Hear from the Seahawks defensive end fresh off putting pen to paper on a brand new contract with the Seahawks.
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Comedian Aries Spears on Kobe, Charles Barkley, the NFL, and much more!
One of the hottest comedians in the game, Aries Spears stops by The Barbershop to chop it up with the guys. Spears also busts out some of his best known sports impressions for the guys and hilarity definitely ensues!
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The Barbershop December 19, 2014
A star-studded, jam packed edition of The Barbershop closes out the week. First up, it's former Seahawk and current Detroit Lion wide receiver, Golden Tate. What are his thoughts on potentially playing against Seattle in the postseason? Also, what did he mean when he implied that Russell Wilson "is a good quarterback...I guess". Fresh off signing a four year extension, Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril stops by The Barbershop to share what it's like putting pen to paper on that kind of contract. Finally, comedian Aries Spears joins Gee and T-Holla to pump up his upcoming shows this weekend in Seattle, as well as do his best athlete impersonations.
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Friday, December 19, 2014's Mariners Insider, Shannon Drayer stops by The Barbershop as Seattle's Hot Stove heats up
With Matt Kemp now officially on his way to San Diego, who will the Mariners turn their attention to now to fill their outfield hole? Also, what kind of role will fan favorite Mark Lowe have on the 2015 roster now that he's returned to the M's organization? Shannon lets you know!
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Golden Tate on Russell Wilson and possibly playing Seattle in the playoffs
Former Seahawk receiver Golden Tate talks to "The Barbershop" about his Lions possibly seeing Seattle in the postseason and calls Russell Wilson "pretty good, I guess."
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The Barbershop December 18, 2014
With the ink still drying on KJ Wright's brand new contract extension, Gee and T-Holla ask the question: Do Pete Carroll and John Schneider make it a priority to take care of their own? Also,'s Mariners Insider, Shannon Drayer, aka the Queen B, stops by to catch the guys up to speed on the latest movement on the Mariners hot stove. And you know we couldn't go an entire week without the one and only Macaroni Tony, who not only gets you set for Sunday's Seahawks/Cardinals matchup, but also answers some listener questions along the way, too!
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Thursday, December 18, 2014
The Barbershop December 17, 2014
The Mariners finally make another move, but it's not the big trade fans were hoping for. Is Justin Ruggiano the right move for the organization at this time? Gee and T-Holla analyze the move and how that sets up the Mariners for another possible deal. Also, can the Seahawks overcome their issues on offense come playoff time, or will that be what ultimately holds them back? And later on, Gee and T-Holla react to Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Andrew Hawkins' protest of the Tamir Rice and John Crawford shootings in Cleveland.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014
The Barbershop December 15, 2014
Coming off a Seahawks victory over the 49ers, Gee, T-Holla, and Tru pay their respects to the rivalry that was Seattle vs. San Francisco. Later on, the guys are joined by "Huck"...or is it "Hulk"? Why don't we let the man explain himself, Seahawks defensive end, Cliff Avril stops by the Shop to talk about whether the Seahawks defensive line is getting enough national praise. Also, with Green Bay faltering on Sunday, what's the NFC playoff picture look like now? The guys go over all sorts of scenarios that could play towards the Seahawks favor.
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Cliff Avril: Sacks aren't the only way to measure D-Line success
Are the lack of sacks from the Seahawks defensive line the reason why they aren't getting much national attention? Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril stops by to talk about that. Also, is Cliff's nickname "Huck" or is it "Hulk"? The Barbershop gets to the bottom of the matter.
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The Barbershop December 16, 2014
Is the 49'er rivalry dead? If so who are the new Seahawk rivals
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Saturday, December 13, 2014
The Barbershop December 12, 2014
Will Sunday be the final time the Seahawks face off against the 49ers with Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick as key players in this rivalry? If this is the final battle of this rivalry for now, just when did it exactly start? Also, if the NFL regular season were to end today, the Seahawks would face the NFC South winner on the road. Of the three teams still in the running for the division title, which one would the Seahawks match up the best against? Gee and T-Holla break all that down and more on Friday's show.
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Friday, December 12, 2014
Richard Sherman: "You don't live your life to impress people that are short sighted. You live your life to improve the world"
The Legion of Boom's spokesman, Richard Sherman, stops by The Barbershop and gives his take on how he's viewed by the media and football fans nationwide. Also, what's the All-Pro, Stanford Graduate like on gameday? Sherman answers that as well as what other cornerbacks around the league he respects.
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The Barbershop December 11, 2014
Legion of Boom spokesman, Richard Sherman stops by The Barbershop on Thursday night. Does the media know the real Richard Sherman, the Richard Sherman from Monday-Saturday off the field? Gee and T-Holla hear from the number one cornerback in the game as he gives the low down on what it's like being at the top of your profession. Also, Macaroni Tony joins the guys to answer some Barbershop emails about the Seahawks, who Seahawks fans should worry about the most coming down the stretch, and also lends some relationship advice along the way, too. And are you alright with Pete Carroll telling the 12s to "turn up" for Sunday's game? The guys weigh in.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014
12 Shades of Doug Baldwin
After revealing a few weeks back that there's more than just Angry Doug Baldwin, our Best Friend, Doug Baldwin joins The Barbershop to talk about the many different types of Doug. Also, what game does he point as the turning point for the Seahawks in 2014? Doug tells you exactly what game that was.
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The Barbershop December 9, 2014
Is there a noticeable difference between Seahawks fans in 2014 compared to years past? Pete Carroll seems to think so. Gee and T-Holla give their take on what looks to be an evolving fanbase. Also, our best friend, Doug Baldwin, stops by The Shop as he gives weighs in on what the turning point for the Seahawks has been so far in 2014. And is Melky Cabrera the best the Mariners can do right now? The guys let you know.
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