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The Grapes of Rad #207: Then I Got off the Bucket

Originally aired: Saturday, February 16, 2013

Topics Include:

Ben is back, and he got a wrong-number text, Snap Chat, baby Phoenix, Stay Tuned, This Week in Scratching Your OCD, the If-Then Game, Dr. Bible calls in to talk Ray Lewis, Rich Uncle Pennybags, Rick Champagne!, a Text From an Anonymous Healthcare Worker, This Week in "Oh. No.", "Then I Got Off The Bucket", on the radios, Ben's Move of the Week, Girl leaves Westboro Baptist, and TMU.

"How It Ends", by DeVotchKa:


"The Champion" fan video:

This man "got off the bucket":

s-ANDREW-MENDOZA-HORSE-SEX-large             Recorded on 2/9/13, outro "Breathing Underwater" by Metric


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