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The Grapes of Rad #209.2: "I lift my lamp beside her golden door"

Originally aired: Sunday, March 3, 2013

Topics Include:

The horn is honking itself, hacking the Google Power Glove, trucker culture, "Hispanic Font", This Week in Hey....Dude?, This Week in Horrible Lyrics, a Shelton Story, fake fights, Ben thinks there is a stroll by his house, It's Science, Josh would like to draw you, Hey Stoners!, Blentec, This Week in Aaron might move to Norway/Sweden, Chip Callous, Aaron drives angry, This Week in Who Gives a Shit?, BADASS of the Week, Just the Headline, That's Not My Name (via Buzzfeed) , Ultimate Gated Communities (the Citadel, Seasteading, and Independence, USA), and the LULL-O-DEX gets us to talk "free will".

Prozacs for All!

Bread Bull: Axis!
Flying robots!

VHS Pick: The Manhattan Project

httpv:// Recorded on 2/24/13, outro "Breezeblocks" by Alt-J (∆)


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