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The Grapes of Rad #211: "In Bill Clinton's take-out bag"

Originally aired: Saturday, March 23, 2013

Come see River Giant tonight at Chop Suey Tonight! (3/23)

Topics Include:

NOT IN THE LIBRARY, doing a "home alone", a Listener lets us in on a horrible aspect of the AIDS baby story from last week, This Week in "AAAAAAHH!", how the Listener imagines Nick, who would play us in the film of us?, the Mark Driscoll of taste-tests, memory boners, This Week in Bible, the Seattle Donut Taste Test, Bible Doctor is an SOB, more banned license plates, Meet the Phelps Family!, learning how to think, Liam Neeson tells a joke, the River Giant Benefit Show (, Week in Forcing A Character on Aaron, The sponsored show in Everett, BADASS: "Serving the poor edition", This Week in Awesome Driving, and Vocab!


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