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David Boze

David Boze Morning Show 8-29-13, Hour 1

Originally aired: Thursday, August 29, 2013

Interviews: Sally Pipes, author of The Truth about Obamacare joined us to talk about the impact of the law so far. As Obamacare begins to be implemented, controversy continues with the new law being the suspect in a wave of part-time job creation, hour reduction, premium increases and embarrassing, arbitrary delays. Also, Dr. Yohuru Williams, the author of Black Politics/White Power: Civil Rights Black Power In celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, most media attention has focused on the charismatic speech of Dr. Martin Luther King. Other heroes are too often lost to history, including the women of the movement. Dr. Williams of Fairfax University joins us to talk about the heroic and vital contributions made by those other than Dr. King. Obama says he has no decision on Syria and won't wait for congress on the voting right act. Bill Clinton says it's harder to vote than buy a weapon Rapid Fire 1. Senator Cruz on Syria 2. Jamie Foxx likens JayZ, Will Smith and Alicia Keys to MLK 3. Walter Williams on Civil Rights struggle: it's over 4. Man tries to shoot a bow and arrow into Whatcom County jail with pot taped to it 5. A good-kid story: Football players find no store clerk in site after stopping for snacks....leave exact change on the counter Walking the line with Syria Obama says he's made no decision Hammertime on the president's reluctance heading into Syria

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