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Five reasons housing markets should be thankful

Based on recent national housing reports, some markets are reporting a rosier picture now than for the first half of the year - and growing optimism heading into next year for a lasting turnaround.

New roommate app takes tips from dating sites

The site matches are based on budget for rent, location preferences, and lifestyle choices.

Mortgage powerhouse predicts rates to dip in 2015

The move would cheapen the borrowing costs for home buyers and refinancers, helping to make home ownership more affordable.

Are you really the person to handle your home sale?

The home sale deal often begins with, "well, I have to pay the realtor 6 percent off the top . . ."

Forbes rates turkey time as excellent home-sale time

Several studies show that homes listed in November and December are more likely to sell more quickly and more closely approach the asking price.

Seattle #7 least affordable, receives "D" grade in new study

A "D" grade means the median-income family can only afford a home that costs about 80 percent of the median price.

Inspections: Expect negatives even in a sound home

Look past the peeling paint and basic wear and tear before demanding a price reduction.

Luring Vets: Oak Harbor, Silverdale-Bremerton in Top 10

Oak Harbor ranked number two and Bremerton-Silverdale number 10 in a national survey for the percentage of veterans in a designated area.

Best places to retire: Bellevue ranked third in new survey

The site reported that it looked at factors related to the quality of care, including emotional and social support for seniors and other at-risk groups.

Considering prepayment plans and biweekly mortgages

Interest savings can differ depending upon when the payment is applied to the principal.