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Add creative first-time incentives to Christmas wish list

Why don't employers seeking top-notch talent now use a student-loan payoff as part of a recruiting package?

Lead gen spend: Agent's top prospects already in house

"Real estate leaders are telling us their agents already have the gold-they just need to mine it."

NYT: Put blame on banks, not borrowers

"The notion that borrowers brought foreclosure on themselves ignores evidence to the contrary."

Year-end tax tips - 9 a.m., Sunday, 97.3, KIRO-FM

What is the forecast for capital gains tax on rental properties?

Need a gift for the folks? A safer place to age

Consider a custom gift certificate that would offer an "aging-in-place" evaluation of their home - perhaps the same house in which you were raised that has undergone very few improvements up to now.

Home seekers concerned about inventory, not the season

"During the holidays we usually see a drop in homebuyers, but this year they're remaining engaged later than usual," said OB Jacobi, president of Windermere Real Estate.

Home equity not floating all boats, 4 million still 'underwater'

The data indicates that "underwater" borrowers are 10 times more likely to be delinquent than those with positive equity.

20% of agents no longer doing 80% of work, study reveals

The study also found that 40 percent of realtors did not close a single transaction in the first six months of this year.

'Delayed seller's review' takes center stage in Seattle market

Few owners know the best way to handle multiple offers and are too eager to accept the first great deal signed by a potential buyer.

Rates are great but loan volume hits 13-year low

Most of the drops in mortgage lending this year have been attributed to a sharp decrease in refinancing.