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If Tom Tangney was a rapper...

In this edition of Ask Tom & Curley Anything, Tom Tangney comes up with a rapper name for himself.

Good Samaritan Marshawn Lynch returns wallet to rightful owner

Before visiting Marysville-Pilchuck High School Tuesday with his fellow teammates, Seahawk Marshawn Lynch did another good deed.

John Curley raises big bucks, embarrasses self at Seahawks' Earl Thomas fundraiser

Leave it to John Curley to put his foot in his mouth, even when he's doing a good deed.

Photos: Cinerama gets a makeover

Cinerama will be reopening soon with a little facelift. MyNorthwest.com's Alyssa Kleven went down to take a look at the changes and put together a list of nine reasons you might want to check it out.

Seattle exploring millionaires tax; why don't they just take our paychecks and give us allowance?

The Seattle City Council is asking the city's legal department to look into the possibility of enacting a millionaires tax in the city.

Tom & Curley demonstrate proper etiquette when crossing Seattle streets

Amazon is expanding again and there are new fears about what all those pedestrians will do to traffic in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood.

Would you rather drive a bus, train or plane?

On this episode of Ask Tom & Curley Anything, Tom and Curley talk dream careers and dream seats.

First Satanic Temple chapter coming to Seattle

Seattle might be getting its first Satanic Temple chapter.

Where would travel guru Rick Steves want to rest in peace?

If you've traveled the world selling your books, it can't be easy to settle on one place, especially for eternity. But travel guru Rick Steves does have a spot he'd like to rest in peace.

John Curley: No surprise student athletes suspended for partying; high school kids are dumb

Forty-five student-athletes from Tahoma High School in Covington have been suspended from sports for attending Halloween parties where drugs or alcohol were present.

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