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  • Saturday February 28, 2015
    Max Unger of the Seattle Seahawks Talks About His Passion For Woodworking
    Listen in as Pete talks with Max Unger and Eli Eigenhoyer (Woodcraft) about the woodworking movement in Seattle. Max shares his stories of growing up on a KOA wood farm in Hawaii and how he's carried the woodworking tradition to Seattle building instruments and tables as his off-season passion.
  • Saturday February 21, 2015
    SME Top Tips For Lighting Your Home
    Pete Lisoskie from HomeMatters here. Listen in as Pete talks with Justin Blair of SME about changing the light and ambiance in your home. We'll cover everything from the types of lighting for each room, permitting, installation, and more!
  • Sunday February 15, 2015
    The Hidden Killers In A Low Pitched Roof And What To Do About It
    Pete Lisoskie from Home Matters here. Listen in as I talk to Mike Farina and Dave Martin of State Roofing as we talk all about flat and low-sloped roofs including: How to inspect them, what to look for, the end-of-life signs, and the latest in materials and techniques so that once it's replaced, you're set for life.
  • Saturday February 14, 2015
    Heating Options For Your Home
    There are many great and efficient heating systems available, for both water and home. Tankless and ductless are some of the options discussed.
  • Saturday February 7, 2015
    How refinancing can work best for you
    Heather Hendrix and Steve Coupe of Directors Mortgage join Pete in studio with all you need to know about refinancing. When does it work best for you?
  • Saturday January 31, 2015
    The least expensive way to add "pop" to your home
    Lyle Morris with Interior Floor Designs talks about how new flooring can add value and new life to an old space.
  • Saturday January 24, 2015
    The right siding for you in wet Western Washington
    John Ramsdell of Elite Exteriors joins the show to discuss the options for quality siding in rainy Western Washington. When is it time for a full replacement of your siding?
  • Saturday January 17, 2015
    Don't make furniture an afterthought in your remodel
    Mitch and Cynthia of Leathers Furniture in Issaquah discuss how furniture and the different levels of leather quality affect a home remodel. The crew say to make sure furniture isn't an afterthought.
  • Saturday January 10, 2015
    The advantages of organic mattresses
    Blake Garfield of Bedrooms and More educates Pete on the advantages of organic mattresses. That's right: Organic mattresses! Blake explains the positives of staying away from chemically treated cotton.
  • Saturday January 3, 2015
    Why propane can be the answer for your heating
    Mitch and Oly of PacWest Propane explain why propane can be the answer for your home and why prices don't fluctuate as much as some people think.

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