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  • Sunday August 30, 2015
    Solar Power
    Home Matters discusses solar power with special guest Robert White.
  • Saturday August 29, 2015
    NW Solar
    Pete debunks the myth that solar can't be used in Seattle. He talks with Derek and Brett of NW Solar to uncover the biggest secret about solar in Seattle that will save you hundreds on your energy bill. Plus Pete covers the tax credits and rebates that make solar a no brainer. Listen in to get educated all about solar for your home.
  • Sunday August 23, 2015
    Pete talks with John of Elite Exteriors to reveal the secrets and savings on decks and siding. You won't want to miss this show as building materials and techniques have changed. If you're thinking about building a deck, today choosing the right composite decking can either save you or cost you thousands of dollars. If it's siding, most home owners pick the wrong siding material - don't make that mistake. Listen in and get the knowledge you'll need to invest right.
  • Sunday August 16, 2015
    Custom Your Ways Homes
    Pete and Rob talk with Kevin of Custom Your Way about the inside secrets of building a custom home - it's a lot less than you think to get exactly what you want. All great home design is based on form, fit, and function and Pete shares with you how to incorporate that into your new home. Kevin covers the top 5 good and bad design ideas that can literally make you smile or bring out frustration in your home building process. Listen in before you consider going out to buy a home.
  • Sunday August 9, 2015
    Director's Mortgage
    Pete talks with Heather and Brett of Director's Mortgage all about getting your loan structured, approved, and ready to go in this fast moving real estate market. Heather and Brett share the inside secrets of what you need to get yourself ready to buy your next home.
  • Sunday August 2, 2015
    Mitch Setlow of Issaquah Leather's joins Pete to chat about the current trends in home furnishing; including leathers, fabric's and stone furnishings.
  • Sunday July 26, 2015
    State Roofing
    Pete Lisoskie from HomeMatters here. Listen in as I talk to Mike Farina and Dave Martin of State Roofing as we talk all about flat and low-sloped roofs including: how to inspect them, what to look for, the end-of-life signs, and the latest in materials and techniques so that once it's replaced you're set for life.
  • Sunday July 19, 2015
    JayMarc Homes
    Captain Vision, from JayMarc Homes stops by and Joins Pete to talk about custom built homes.
  • Sunday July 5, 2015
    Leathers Interiors
    If you would invest in your house, a car, or your health, why wouldn't you invest in the furniture you sit on everyday? Mitch Setlow goes over the tips to get top quality special order furniture for the price you'd pay at a big box store. Isn't it time you got some furniture that lasts?
  • Sunday June 28, 2015
    Top 7 Cheap Home Improvements
    Pete covers replacing your kitchen counters, accessorizing your bathroom, painting your rooms and cabinets, improving energy efficiency, building an outdoor space, and more!

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