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Election 2013
MyNorthwest asked Seattle's mayoral candidates how they would solve Seattle's most severe traffic issues. These are their answers:

What is the most pressing traffic issue facing the City of Seattle?
  • Joey Gray
    "Getting around in Seattle takes too long, is inconvenient, expensive, unsafe and polluting."
  • Bruce Harrell
    "Safe and efficient transportation integration"
  • Mike McGinn
    "The most pressing traffic issue we face is that we are a popular, healthy and growing city. And we need to work hard to keep up with that growth by making our existing roadways more efficient and building out mass transit so that people have choices. This is a challenge that our whole city is facing, not any one neighborhood."
  • Doug McQuaid
    "Lack of adequate streets and highways to handle the volume of vehicular traffic."
  • Ed Murray
    "I think our most pressing traffic issue is the continuing deterioration of our roads and bridges that we all rely on everyday whether in a bus, on a bike, in a car, or driving a truck. We now have a nearly $2 billion safety and maintenance backlog in Seattle, and it continues to grow under the current administration. I call it the "Quiet Crisis" - many of our roads are in terrible shape, and we have important bridges, like the Magnolia Bridge, that need to be replaced but we lack the funds to do it. We also have freight mobility issues in SoDo, which if not managed correctly will get worse, making it more difficult to move freight to and from the Port. So we certainly have some traffic challenges."
  • Charlie Staadecker
    "There are many traffic issues facing Seattleites. Just ask any resident, in any neighborhood, and they will have a variety of concerns, including, but not limited to the Mercer Mess, I-5, and cross town travel. More specifically, we have a massively underfunded infrastructure plan and an underfunded transit system in the form of Metro that is unreliable and experiencing decrease service and increasing rates. Both the economy and quality of life suffer when people can't commute efficiently and affordably."
  • Peter Steinbrueck
    "Pedestrian and bicycle safety is the most pressing traffic issue facing the City of Seattle."

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