Complete state and county primary results coming August 6th
Election 2013
MyNorthwest asked Seattle's mayoral candidates how they would solve Seattle's most severe traffic issues. These are their answers:

How would you resolve the issue you identified in Question #2?
  • Joey Gray
    "Improvement requires focus on inexpensive regional multi-modal flow of people and goods, with convenient transitions between modes (vs. mode wars)."
  • Bruce Harrell
    "Stopping the practice of implementing modes of transportation in silos (i.e. different transportation master plans that are independent of one another)"
  • Mike McGinn
    "I would continue working with the City Council, King County and Sound Transit to make sure that we are giving Seattle residents and visitors better choices for they travel to and around our city. We have already launched Access Seattle, a new initiative to make our streetlight system more efficient, save Metro, build out rail transit using our new Transit Master Plan and supporting safe, walkable neighborhoods for everyone. A major issue for all of these is funding. I worked with 47 mayors across the state to build support for changes to state law to give us new funding options. Our proposal passed the state House, but failed in the State Senate. We're going to keep pushing for new options. And when I've found savings in the city budget, I've invested it in basic maintenance - over $30 million in the last two years. "
  • Doug McQuaid
    "To increase funding to enlarge and improve the street and highway infrastructure within the city, by reducing the funding for light rail, public transit and bicycles."
  • Ed Murray
    "Two things we need to do. First, we need to pass a new Bridging the Gap transportation safety and maintenance levy in 2015, and we need to make sure those funds are in addition to the current general fund support for safety and maintenance work. We must start addressing the backlog, and that will require additional resources. Second, for some of the larger projects we need to complete - like the Magnolia Bridge replacement, a Lander Street overpass that will improve freight mobility between I-5 and the Port, and the Madison bus rapid transit corridor - we need to work with the federal delegation, the state, and our regional partners to identify the funding we will need to complete this work. I have strong relationships with our elected leaders at those levels and will work with those other governments to get those projects done. "
  • Charlie Staadecker
    "The problems we face require multiple solutions. It's going to take will take a significant investment in our infrastructure. Our roads and bridges need major repair in excess of the funds that have been made available by the general fund and Bridging the Gap levy. We need a transparent 20 year study of our infrastructure to present to voters. We need a Forward Thrust II, providing voters with a list of projects and a timeline of when they will be completed. This requires leadership, collaboration and open dialogue."
  • Peter Steinbrueck
    "-Stronger traffic enforcement. -Safe pedestrian crossings and safe routes to school. -Increased awareness by both drivers and pedestrians. "

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