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If Republicans lose the Senate, the party will be irretrievably broken

It's Election Day! It's the day on which America decides whether Republicans take back the Senate and maintain the House of Representatives.

Gun control center stage at KTTH Freedom Debate

In KTTH's third Freedom Series Debate, hosts Ben Shapiro and Michael Medved sat down with KIRO Radio's Dave Ross and Ralph Fascitelli, President of Washington Ceasefire, to take on initiatives 594 and 591 and other gun rights issues.

'Kitty Hall' PR stunt fails because government isn't good at being cuddly

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is focusing hard on the big issues that face us in the city: On Tuesday, Mayor Murray proclaimed City Hall "Kitty Hall" for a day.

Easier to get booze or marijuana while in high school?

Marijuana will be available to the public starting Tuesday when the first store is expected to open in Seattle and there's concern it'll be easier for children to obtain.

In Boston, new Seattle police chief Kathleen O'Toole saw violent crime increase

Mayor Ed Murray chose former Boston police Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole to be the new Seattle police chief on Monday, with many agreeing that it was O'Toole's credentials as a reformer and leader of a big-city department that got her the job.

Seattle police chief candidate Robert Lehner has experience with anarchists

Among the three candidates to become Seattle's next police chief, do any have the expertise to deal with the community of anarchists here that terrorize private property each May Day and sometimes on random days? One candidate does. Robert Lehner was formerly the chief in Eugene, Ore., dubbed the "anarchist capital of the world."

Who won the KTTH $15 minimum wage debate?

So, is the issue settled? Did conservatism trounce socialism at Wednesday night's KTTH minimum wage debate at McCaw Hall at the Seattle Center?

Seattle's Union Gospel Mission clothing line humanizes homeless, creates jobs

Seattle's Union Gospel Mission is launching a line of clothing as a way to humanize the homeless and to create jobs for the people the Mission serves.

Lawmakers want to exempt guns, ammunition from sales tax

A group of state lawmakers want to exempt guns and ammunition from sales tax for at least the next 10 years, saying that firearms are a "basic necessity" like food and water, which are also exempt from sales tax.

Unmarried and childless at age 40? That's irresponsible

Getting married and having kids makes you a better person and creates a better society. So, if you're not doing that, you're irresponsible.

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