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Tim Hasselbeck weighs in on Matt's contract talks

mattBy Brady Henderson

Tim Hasselbeck joined the Brock & Salk show on Thursday and weighed in on the contract talks between the Seahawks and his brother, Matt.

Without a new collective-bargaining agreement or extension in place, Thursday is the last day the Seahawks can negotiate exclusively with Matt Hasselbeck.

Tim, an NFL analyst for ESPN and former NFL quarterback, said he thinks his brother, who has been a Seahawk for the past 10 years, could give the team a hometown discount.

"Matthew said this a while back, that he'd love to be in Seattle and he'd love to get the deal done before there was a lockout," he said. "It's hard to find a franchise quarterback. You can tell me that he's 34 years old, you can tell me all of that stuff. It's hard to find a franchise quarterback. You can ask the Miami Dolphins of the 49ers or the Bills. The Seattle Seahawks have one that they have a right to sign all by themselves, and he wants to be there.

"And probably - I don't know this for a fact but I have a pretty good feeling about it - that he would sign in Seattle for less money than he would sign elsewhere."

Matt Hasselbeck signed a six-year contract in 2005 that averaged $8 million per year. He made $6.75 million last season in the final year of that deal.

When asked what a reasonable deal would be for his brother, Tim pointed to Kerry Collins, who played in 17 games and made $15 million over the last two seasons with Tennessee.

"Matthew should get paid more than Kerry Collins," he said.

Tim said Matt "loves being a Seahawk" and "loves living in Seattle," but would still have to consider other offers. The 49ers, Cardinals and Vikings are among the teams that figure to be in the market for a veteran starting quarterback.

"He would like nothing else than to play the rest of his career out there and forever be a Seahawk," Tim said. "But at the same time you can't be stupid about the situation if you have the opportunity to sign a three-or four-year deal somewhere else on a team that possibly is better and the team that you wanted to play for just wanted to get you on a one-year contract on the cheap."

Matt has missed two games in each of the last two seasons. Tim said the health concerns with his brother aren't as severe as they're made out to be.

"He's never been on the injured reserve. Look at Donovan McNabb. McNabb's been on the injured reserve two or three times in his career," he said. "To me, I think that notion of 'he's always hurt...' Listen, has he been banged up? Yeah, but find me a guy that wouldn't when you play behind an offensive line that's got 12 different lineups throughout the season."

When asked if he thinks a deal will get done before Thursday night's deadline, Tim said "Unless something changes drastically, I think the only way Seattle will be able to sign Matthew is once he becomes a free agent."

You can listen to the entire conversation with Tim Hasselbeck here.

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