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Blue 42: Ryan Mallett doesn't fit with Seahawks

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According to National Football Post, Ryan Mallett is beginning a two-day visit with the Seahawks on Monday.

In Monday's Blue 42, Brock Huard said the visit means the Seahawks are seriously considering Mallett, though his lack of mobility may be prohibitive for Seattle's new offense.

Brock referenced comments from Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network, who joined Brock & Salk last week to discuss Jake Locker's pro day and also gave his analysis of Mallett. Lombardi: "I would think knowing what Seattle does, I would think Mallet's more of their guy. I think Mallett fits what they want to do. If you want to throw the ball vertically up the field and you want to make big plays with your passing game, then Mallett's your guy. If you can get comfortable with who he is as a person, he can clearly make an impact on your football team."

Brock's response in Blue 42: "By the hiring of two guys, (offensive line coach Tom Cable and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell), they're going to be a run-first team. They're going to upgrade the offensive line and they will be run-first, play action second. You bring in Darrell Bevell, who comes from a complete West Coast system background. Short, intermediate movement, sprint right, sprint left, play action, play action off of that, bootlegs.

"You've got to have some level of athleticism, and when Mallett ran 5.47 handheld (in the 40-yard dash) and I watched that body jiggle as a 22-year-old in the best shape of his life, you've got to move at this level. ... You don't have to be a sprinter, you don't have to be Michael Vick, but 5.47 is a sitting duck target. With the West Coast system and the play action passing game, I don't think he's an ideal fit here in Seattle."

Brock also discussed what has stood out during Huskies' spring practice and who had the best body control of any player he ever played with. You can listen to Blue 42 here.

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