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Seattle transit tunnel, bus, buses
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  • Seattle transit tunnel, bus, buses

    What to expect when 830 daily buses move into downtown Seattle

    Buses will officially get kicked out of the Seattle transit tunnel March 23. The result: 830 daily trips will flood the downtown area between 2nd and 6th Avenues downtown.
  • tacoma

    Tacoma transition begins final piece of I-5 construction

    Tacoma drivers have dealt with a never-ending series of lane changes and movement on I-5 as the state adds HOV lanes to the freeway. Only one major shift is left before the project is complete.
  • SR 99 tunnel Seattle, buses

    Seattle’s newly-opened SR 99 tunnel is still without buses

    A total of 12 Metro bus routes once used the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Those buses now use surface streets as the newly-opened SR 99 tunnel is cars-only ... for now.
  • traffic cameras bus lane seattle

    Chokepoints grab bag: Potholes, bus lanes, and bike backups

    Today's Chokepoint will feature a grab bag of everything from potholes to bus lanes, as Sully goes through questions from listeners.
  • 520 bridge

    The SR 520 project giveth and taketh away in Montlake

    Construction is about to start again on the SR 520 project at Montlake, and that means drivers are going to have to get used to another lane change. This is what drivers should be prepared for.
  • roundabout

    Roundabout 101: Some drivers need some serious help

    KIRO Radio's Chris Sullivan went out to watch how things worked in a new roundabout in Marysville, and the results were not pretty.
  • earth shaking, sensors, Seahawks traffic, Monday night football, I-90

    Traffic problem emerges around Seattle’s new tunnel after stadium events

    The first major sporting event since the new Highway 99 tunnel in Seattle opened revealed an issue that could be a big problem for drivers trying to get to I-90.
  • Seattle metro bus, Buses

    Metro buses are getting booted out of Seattle transit tunnel

    Buses are being kicked-out of the Seattle transit tunnel later this month, and that means more than 800 daily trips are now going to be sharing downtown surface streets.
  • Colman Dock

    Washington ferry system blames Trump tariffs for rising Colman Dock costs

    Washington is two years into a massive renovation of Seattle's Colman Dock and the price-tag continues to rise by the millions, thanks in part to the Trump Administration's tariff's on foreign steel.
  • HOV lane violators, rules of the road

    Bill to punish HOV violators still alive in the Legislature

    Plans to punish HOV lane violators is still alive in the Legislature, and the potential penalties will get your attention.