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  • I-405

    Milestones looming for I-405/167 project

    Northbound I-405 is going to be down to just two lanes in Renton from about 167 to the Maple Valley Highway all weekend for a striping project. 
  • WSDOT, traffic, Sammamish

    A bridge connecting Sammamish and Bellevue?

    Traffic in and out of Sammamish has gotten so bad that the city is flirting with some unusual solutions, including a bridge to Bellevue.
  • The summer construction blues return this weekend

    The Blue Angels are gone. The Mariners are out of town. Now, it's back to reality for construction closures.
  • roundabout

    The two golden rules of roundabouts

    With two new roundabouts going in on a popular commuter route in Snohomish County in August, it's time to give drivers a refresher course. It's time for Roundabout 101.
  • all-walk

    Why can’t we have more all-walk intersections in Seattle?

    Cars, bikes, buses, and streetcars usually get the blame for downtown Seattle's congestion, but what role do pedestrians play creating traffic backups?
  • Blue Angels

    Blue Angels aren’t just stopping traffic on I-90 bridge

    The Blue Angels aren't just going to shut down I-90 for drivers this week. They will be stopping work on Sound Transit light rail.
  • bus-only, bus lane

    Bus-only hours on Seattle’s busy 3rd Avenue being extended

    Third Avenue through downtown Seattle will become bus-only between 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.
  • Sound Transit

    Sound Transit to expand permit parking for solo drivers

    Starting in October, solo drivers will have the option of buying parking permits for Sound Transit's busiest station. It'll allow commuters an opportunity to park in areas reserved for permit holders. 
  • cascadia rail, high-speed rail

    Millions more to be spent on studying high-speed rail between Washington, B.C.

    The vision of traveling from Seattle to Portland or Vancouver in about an hour is appealing enough to pump millions more into studying an high-speed train.
  • Sound Transit, mass transit ridership, affordable housing

    Sound Transit’s Federal Way light rail project is millions over budget

    Sound Transit's board was informed Thursday that the Federal Way light rail extension is coming in over budget by $460.3 million, adding to other costly ST2 overruns.