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Tacoma shooting, Long Beach
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  • Tacoma shooting, Long Beach

    Cryptic symbols and mystery ribbons on the freeway

    You drive by abandoned vehicles on the side of the freeway every day. Many are all marked up with cryptic messages. What does it all mean?
  • bus service

    Thank Amazon for more bus service in Seattle

    Amazon will invest $1.5 million to fund more bus service in Seattle, according to King County Metro.
  • car-tab fees, car-tab bills, ST3 lawsuit

    Sound Transit attorneys have ‘doubts’ that settlement would be legal

    The ST3 lawsuit continues. One side wants a settlement agreement and money paid back to drivers. The other side says it's too late and bonds have been issued.
  • Washington’s pay-per-mile program six months in

    We're about six months into Washington state's pay-per-mile pilot project, and it's apparently going well.
  • Region’s traffic congestion is ‘symptom’ of a larger problem

    WSDOT head says state will have to take "risks" to tackle congestion challenges we are facing now and will face in the future.
  • Weekend road closures: Highway 2 and beyond

    A warm, dry weekend can only mean  one thing: road construction. And since those are rare in these parts, construction crews are taking full advantage and cramming as much work as possible into the weekends.
  • tunnel, bellevue

    Sound Transit celebrating Bellevue light rail tunnel milestone

    Sound Transit is celebrating the excavation of its downtown Bellevue tunnel that will eventually provide a path for the East Link light rail line.
  • Is Kitsap County’s passenger-only ferry worth the investment?

    The risky experiment of running fast ferry service from Kitsap County to Seattle is now a year old. Has it been worth the investment?
  • tolls, I-405, tolled roads

    Gov. Inslee gives Inslee-style answer to tolling question

    With more tolls coming, we ask Gov. Jay Inslee if tolling is the new norm when it comes to funding transportation projects ...
  • seattle tunnel toll

    State favors charging as much as $2.25 to use Seattle’s new tunnel

    The Washington State Transportation Commission has moved forward a plan to toll drivers -- to use Seattle's new SR99 tunnel. But the decision is not final yet.