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  • 520

    Temporary 520 fix might save bus riders 5-6 minutes into Seattle

    The Washington State Department of Transportation is about to make a small tweak recommended by daily commuters that should shave a few minutes off the westbound 520 drive in Seattle.

    Relief for constant JBLM traffic is coming in more than one way

    Between additional lanes on I-5, and the re-opening of a key gate, drivers in the JBLM corridor can expect traffic relief in the coming years.
  • WSDOT I-5

    Weekend closures and delays to look out for on I-5

    You might want to stay away from I-5 southbound this weekend, with "emergency concrete repair" expected to cause significant delays near Spokane street.
  • I-5 will get express lane for buses serving Eastside-South Lake Union

    Finally, I-5 will get a fifth reversible Interstate 5 express lane between Highway 520 and Mercer Street for buses only, as reported in The Seattle Times.
  • Alaskan Way Viaduct

    Prepare now for life without the Alaskan Way Viaduct

    We may be months away from construction shutting down the Alaskan Way corridor in 2019, but preparing now could save your commute when traffic snarls in January.
  • colman

    Drivers face big changes at Colman ferry dock in Seattle

    Drivers who use the Colman dock in Seattle will notice, on Wednesday, the first of several changes this fall as the construction zone at the ferry terminal expands. 
  • viaduct, tunnel, Highway 99 tunnel

    All hands on deck for Highway 99 tunnel drill

    Seattle first responders are going to be pushed to the max on Thursday as a full-scale emergency drill is carried out inside the new Highway 99 tunnel.
  • I-90

    Traffic is finally returning to normal on I-90

    The Washington Department of Transportation has opened-up the newly refurbished and widened I-90 eastbound lanes, east of Snoqualmie Pass. Wildlife will soon get to enjoy something new too.
  • zipper merge

    Washington drivers need Montana’s new zipper merge signs

    Many Washington drivers still don't get it. Does Washington state need to take a page from Montana to help drivers get the message about zipper merging?
  • Sound Transit, mass transit ridership, affordable housing, light rail

    Sound Transit narrowing down light rail options in Seattle

    Sound Transit is considering options for light rail through Seattle. Some go beyond costs that were sold to voters in ST3. Seattle could be looking at new bridges or tunnels in town.