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HOV violators
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  • HOV violators

    Warning to HOV violators: Troopers are out to get you

    The penalties go up each time you get caught violating the distracted driving law. The first ticket costs $136. Why not apply the same rules to HOV (carpool) violations?
  • stick shift

    With more people moving to Seattle, fewer miles traveled on area roads

    The population around the Seattle region is booming, but miles traveled on the road don't show the same spike in numbers. That's significant, according to the Puget Sound Regional Council.
  • viaduct, tunnel, Highway 99 tunnel

    Seattle getting closer to Alaskan Way Viaduct closure

    We are getting close to the closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, prompting traffic hell in Seattle. The new tunnel will open about three weeks after that.
  • I-5 lid

    I-90 lanes into Seattle are never coming back, and other changes

    Big changes for I-90 drivers through the collector-distributor lanes. Ramp meters are coming to help ease the congestion into and through downtown Seattle.
  • WSDOT, Washington gridlock, seattle traffic, Puget Sound gridlock, labor day, traffic

    Labor Day weekend traffic: What to know before you go

    Labor Day weekend is synonymous with bad traffic. Friday will be among the worst and heaviest days for traveling. There's a few things to know before hitting the road.
  • distracted driving

    Should there be a national standard for distracted driving?

    All 50 states were able to agree on the .08 drunk driving standard. Maybe it's time to get everyone to agree on distracted driving laws across the United States.
  • drive time, traffic, northwest drivers, lane sweeping

    Should Washington require a test for out-of-state drivers?

    After a Chokepoint on lane sweeping, one KIRO Radio listener pointed out that the practice might not be illegal in other states. One state in particular sends a lot of drivers to Washington.
  • Everett

    Traffic problem: Neighborhood asking for help with speeders

    A KIRO Radio listener reached out about increased speeding and traffic that he is seeing in his Everett neighborhood. What can be done to slow things down on this neighborhood road?
  • semi truck, school bus

    Q&A: Left lane semi-trucks, lane sweeping, and school bus etiquette

    We're getting close to back-to-school time so I thought I would open up the grab bag to celebrate the end of summer. Let's talk about semi-trucks in the left lane, lane sweeping, and school bus etiquette.
  • third avenue, 3rd avenue

    Changes to 3rd Avenue coming sooner than expected

    Starting Monday morning, August 20, 2018, cars will be barred from driving through 3rd Avenue in Downtown Seattle for most of the day. The road will be dedicated to bus and bike traffic.