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  • Viadoom

    Final Viadoom commute is almost upon us

    Viadoom is nearly over, and the region has largely been spared significant traffic snarls. But the Thursday morning commute around Seattle got off to a slow start.
  • Motorcycle, Lane splitting

    Bills introduced for helmet-less motorcycling, lane splitting

    Helmets and lane-splitting. Once again, there are attempts in the legislature to give motorcycle riders more freedom on the roads.
  • Viadoom

    Viadoom updates: Malfunction on Spokane St. bridge snarls evening commute

    There are a handful more days of Viadoom in Seattle. Can drivers hold out just a little longer and keep the smooth traffic flowing?
  • SR 99 tunnel

    The new SR 99 tunnel is opening: So, now what?

    The new SR 99 tunnel is likely opening in just a few days in Seattle, and drivers need to be ready for using this new route and develop some new habits.
  • Viadoom, Chris Sullivan at the SR 99 tunnel entrance, before Realign99 begins

    Workers race against the clock to finish new SR 99 tunnel

    On Jan. 12, Viadoom officially began, and with it, work to realign SR 99 to connect to the recently-constructed tunnel under downtown Seattle. But can crews finish before the Feb. 4 deadline?
  • viadoom, sr 99

    A full timeline of the SR 99 tunnel work since Viadoom began

    Crews are steadily working to construct new on- and off-ramps for the SR 99 tunnel under Seattle that has yet to open. Here is a timeline of that work, via updates from WSDOT.
  • Viadoom

    Seattle commutes continue to be relatively smooth despite viaduct absence

    It's the second day of the third (and final) week of Viadoom in Seattle. MyNorthwest continues its coverage of the tight traffic without the Alaskan Way Viaduct.
  • zipper merge

    New bill requiring education on zipper merge headed to Olympia

    A bill that would mandate zipper merge education and testing for all new drivers is headed to the Washington State Legislature.
  • bus

    All lanes reopen on NB I-5 in Seattle after a charter bus fire

    Three lanes have reopened on I-5 near South Spokane Street in Seattle after a charter bus fire.
  • viadoom

    What to expect for the final week of Viadoom

    We're closing in on the final week of Viadoom, and it's time to make your final preparations.