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Explore the brighter side of the news with KIRO Radio's Colleen O'Brien

Colleen O'Brien

  • Picture of determination rewarded with new car

    If it wasn't for a bus driver paying attention to his riders, Corey Patrick might not be in the headlines today.
  • Donut shop owner responds to theft with kindness

    When donut shop owner Galen Schmidt spotted on his surveillance system a woman stealing from his tip jar he didn't call police. He chose kindness instead.
  • Birthday boy decides to give big to animal shelter

    Jack Beason, 9, decided giving would be better than receiving and asked for donations of food or toys for his local shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • Tacoma shooting, Long Beach

    Truckers become heroes on Michigan highway

    This was a tough call to share this one today because it's not a topic you'd typically associate with a "dose of kindness."
  • plane, flight

    The saving grace of a stranger on a plane

    Todd Walker became the seat-mate of a toddler who was having a rough go of her day, but he was able to show grace in this situation.
  • Home Depot volunteers help homeless veteran

    A group of 60 volunteers fixed up a homeless Air Force veteran's home after his mother and daughter passed away.
  • gofundme

    Snoqualmie officers help victims of I-90 car crash with GoFundMe

    I think this story is certainly worth our attention because it's about two Snoqualmie Police Officers going above and beyond.
  • seattle school bus, logic amen

    Bus driver pulls ‘mom duty’ for young girl

    This story is about 11-year-old Isabella in Salt Lake City, Utah. She gets ready for school on her own every morning because her dad works early mornings and, well, her mom passed away.
  • happiness

    The recipe for a happy life, according to Yale

    The pursuit of happiness draws nearly 1,200 students twice a week to Yale's most popular course: Psychology and the Good Life.
  • The story behind Seth’s viral video

    I love learning the stories behind viral videos. The most recent to go viral is of a boy named Seth, who uses a wheelchair, enjoying his first ride on a swing.