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Explore the brighter side of the news with KIRO Radio's Colleen O'Brien

Colleen O'Brien

  • happiness

    The recipe for a happy life, according to Yale

    The pursuit of happiness draws nearly 1,200 students twice a week to Yale's most popular course: Psychology and the Good Life.
  • The story behind Seth’s viral video

    I love learning the stories behind viral videos. The most recent to go viral is of a boy named Seth, who uses a wheelchair, enjoying his first ride on a swing.
  • Man shares his 17,000 vinyl records

    Bob Knutson has one of the most impressive vinyl collections anywhere. He inherited his first 2,000 records when a neighbor died and today he estimates his collection includes 17,000 records.
  • surgeons

    Chewbacca delivers heartening news to hospitalized teen

    It must be the pits to spend months on end in a hospital. I can't imagine how hard it would be for a child to do that.
  • sheriff's office, Pierce County

    Pierce County Sheriff’s Office needs some help

    This week, Pierce County deputies resounded to a brutal incident in Buckley and Tumwater; a double-homicide turned officer-involved shooting.
  • Chicago

    Chicago cop becomes construction worker for a good cause

    A Chicago police lieutenant took on a brand new mission after 27 years on the force.
  • Veteran hit by shoddy roof job finds help

    A veteran who was out $9,000 for a roofing job gone bad was repaid in kindness by another roofing company.
  • pizza

    Unsuspecting pizza delivery driver gets blessed

    A Chicago pastor surprised a pizza delivery driver with a massive tip, which only kept growing as his congregation came forward to add to the pile of money.
  • Officer on patrol delivers surprise meals

    Officer Jeremy hands of grocery bags full of food to people-in-need who he encounters while on patrol.
  • charity

    Bike charity leads to new teeth for Minnesota man

    Jack Carlson made headlines for the charity work he does for children with disabilities. He spends his free time working on custom bikes for kids and in the process of his story being told he became the recipient of kindness, too.