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iphone lockscreen
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  • iphone lockscreen

    Ross: The iPhone just keeps getting more expensive

    The price of the iPhone has risen faster than nearly anything else on the market, from cable TV service to prescription drugs. And people keep buying the most expensive models. I think I know why.
  • war on christmas

    Ross: The War on Christmas is back for a cage match

    It's back! The War on Christmas is on, again, and it's started in Massachusetts where a nativity scene features the baby Jesus in a cage, and the wise men blocked off by a wall.
  • Sea lion deaths have deep roots in Seattle history

    10 sea lions have been shot and killed in Puget Sound since late-September. Why is this happening? The reason could very well be traced back to a piece of Seattle history.
  • investors

    Ross: Why investors need to ‘unfollow’ the president

    President Trump tweets one day, and stocks rise. He tweets another day, and stocks fall. Maybe investors should base financial decisions on something more concrete than mere tweets.
  • black, DNA

    Ross: What makes you black? Native American? Or white?

    A Lynnwood man argues that a home DNA test saying he is 4 percent black, and 6 percent Native American proves he is not white. And he's pushing that argument through court.
  • civil war

    Ross: Will a divided America have a second Civil War?

    It's another Christmas season, and if you’re a churchgoing person you’ll hear at least one sermon about how divided everyone seems to be in America. One expert on the matter recently had an interesting point on the issue.
  • cop, seattle police

    Is mouthing off to a police officer protected under the 1st Amendment?

    While no one would recommend it, can you mouth off to a police officer without any legal ramifications?
  • Climate change protest

    UW professor on climate change: ‘This is here and now’

    The issue of climate change isn't merely theoretical anymore, according to one UW climate professor. According to her, it's here, it's happening, and it's something we need to be concerned about, before it's too late.
  • male birth control

    Ross: And finally — it’s the man’s turn

    It's about time. Researchers are testing a new male birth control gel. If successful, men will finally get to take part in family planning.
  • off switch, 737-MAX

    Ross: A 737 MAX crash comes down to an ‘off switch’

    Flight data has been released from that doomed 737-MAX which crashed a month ago. Pilots are debating the details online. But it seems the main issue comes down to an off switch.
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