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Mother nature
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  • Mother nature

    It’s now clear that Mother Nature is a conservative

    History is littered with predictions of the end of the world, and Americans have contributed their fair share.
  • Please step away from our jobs

    Companies are right trying to do exactly that because it’s the ideal investment – to be able to own an army of artificial human brains.
  • Jason Rittereiser

    Candidate Jason Rittereiser: Dino Rossi will be a rubber stamp for Trump

    Democrat Jason Rittereiser has attempted to separate himself from rival candidates with ads criticizing Trump and highlighting his own Ellensburg roots.
  • political ads

    A plan for total transparency around online political ads

    There’s a proposed law called the Honest Ads Act, which says that online political ads have to play by the same rules as broadcast political ads by clearly stating who paid for the ad and who approved the ad.
  • Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith wants to build on the Ocasio-Cortez wave in Washington

    Compared to rising Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sarah Smith is the challenger to Democratic incumbent Rep. Adam Smith's long-held seat in Washington’s 9th Congressional District.
  • App that diagnoses your car is only the beginning

    Your car's engine is constantly speaking. Thankfully, Josh Siegel at MIT developed a smartphone app to translate.
  • vote, voter, election

    Now we have to keep an eye on our own election officials

    We’re all on the alert for Russians hacking into voter databases, but the other problem is our own election officials.
  • Pramila Jayapal

    Pramila Jayapal has strong words as she calls for change at the border

    Rep. Jayapal is calling for an end to the practice of separating immigrant families, calling it a "serious set of human rights violations."
  • internet

    Computer down! Can you survive an internet outage?

    As Seattle experienced an internet outage Tuesday, Facebook announced that hackers were at it again, infiltrating social media to engage in "inauthentic behavior."
  • credit cards

    The grocers strike back

    Every time you swipe or dip your credit card, the merchant has to pay what’s called a swipe fee to the bank that issued the card.
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