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  • gas prices,

    Ross: Can America really withstand $200 a barrel?

    Saudi Arabia has threatened to up the price of oil if America gets too nosy about the disappearance of journalist and commentator Jamal Khashoggi. But we'll be fine, right? Don't we have energy options other than oil?
  • kanye

    Ross: Trump gets woke after a visit from Kayne West

    Kayne West certainly upstaged President Trump during his visit to the oval office. Some people saw crazy during that visit. I saw someone who could occupy that office one day.
  • american flag

    Ross: Americans living in LeftyLand and RightyLand

    About one third of Americans are counted as extreme left or right when it comes to politics. The rest of us are caught in the crossfire, waiting for our potholes to be fixed.
  • hitchhackers

    Attack of the hitch-hackers

    Usually, hackers attack computers from the outside. But China recently found a way to hack from the inside. It was an attack of the hitch-hackers.
  • seattle gas stations, climate change

    Ross: Remember when oil companies warned us about climate change?

    All the international climate change pledges have not done much good and the consequences of global warming are coming a lot sooner than previously expected. If only we had a warning 27 years ago. Oh wait, we did ... from oil companies.
  • Kavanaugh

    Ross: What to learn from the Brett Kavanaugh experience

    Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court is a learning moment for America. Suppose we start looking into Trump's lower court appointments now, just in case he needs to pick another justice.
  • netflix

    Ross: Hey Netflix, save some of the internet for the rest of us

    We now know what slows down the internet each evening in America. Netflix needs to get its own internet wire. And while we're at it, stay off my lawn.
  • washington, tax gap

    Ross: One solution for the $400 billion American tax gap

    It's called the tax gap -- the difference between what the country takes in taxes and the amount of money people hide away from the IRS to avoid paying taxes. It adds up to quite a bit of money.
  • Trump

    Ross: How to succeed in America — have a rich dad

    An exposé reveals that Donald Trump is not the self-made rich man that he likes to promote. It offers a new narrative on how to get rich in America -- have a rich dad.
  • Kavanaugh, beer

    Ross: Beer grabs the spotlight as Kavanaugh case continues

    Brett Kavanaugh's relationship to beer has come under question as many of his former classmates come forward with stories. But President Trump is having none of it.
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