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gun ban
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  • gun ban

    Ross: Ban guns now, but is enslavement next?!

    As New Zealand responds to a mass shooting with a gun ban, it will be interesting to see how that works in contrast to America's general response of having more guns.
  • Boeing 737 MAX

    Plenty of blame to go around for 737 MAX’s lack of safety features

    As the controversy surrounding Boeing's 737 MAX airplane continues, Seattle's Morning News spoke with aviation expert Richard Aboulafia to go over why key safety features were skimped on.
  • ichiro

    Ross: A musical tribute to Mariners Ichiro Suzuki

    As it became evident that Ichiro Suzuki was retiring while playing in Tokyo March 21, 2019, Ross resurrected his musical tribute to the great Mariners player.
  • Trump

    Ross: Trump, McCain, and the Patton Principle

    It has the news media baffled! Why has President Trump gone after the late Senator John McCain twice this week -- seven months after he passed away?
  • biden

    Ross: It’s not hyperbole, Joe Biden really means it

    Joe Biden has yet to hit the presidential campaign trail in earnest, but we already know what kind of candidate he’ll be -- sincere. We know that because he has told us so, time and time again.
  • renton, security camera, rekognition

    Ross: Smile! Cops now using facial Rekognition for shoplifters

    Amazon's facial recognition tech -- Rekognition -- is being used by Oregon police. Should we be concerned? Or should shoplifters?
  • fossil fuels clouds

    Study: Fossil fuels could cause clouds to disappear, rapid warming

    Staring at clouds and guessing what they look like may become a thing of the past, at least to a new study on climate change.
  • white, new zealand, whiteness

    Ross: Why I don’t want to be called ‘white’ anymore

    Another tragedy and another white supremacist manifesto. I've had enough violence in the name of whiteness. I don't want to be known as "white" anymore.
  • afterpay

    An alternative to credit cards? Afterpay off to strong start in US market

    Afterpay, an Australian company that launched in the U.S. in May 2018, lets customers pay for an item in four equal installments without any interest or annual fees. And last week, they hit their millionth U.S. customer.
  • New Zealand shooting

    Ross: New Zealand shooter’s racist agenda looked to divide us

    A manifesto from a New Zealand shooter that killed 49 people is hoping the outrage over what he did will fire up the U.S. gun debate in a way that irreversibly fractures our politics.
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