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  • Microsoft

    Ross: If Microsoft ever collapses, pirates will save us all

    What would happen if Microsoft were to suddenly collapse? Odds are, pirates would swoop in to save the day.
  • Fox News

    Ross: Democrats should not be afraid of Fox News

    The Democratic National Committee will not let Fox News air its presidential debates. I say, the Democrats should embrace Fox News for all its debates.
  • Israel

    Ross: How to safely criticize Israel – just quote Israeli media

    As Congress grapples with how to safely criticize Israel, I thought I’d look at what Israel’s media is saying about it’s own country.
  • daylight saving, seattle

    Ross: Don’t buy into daylight saving time manipulation

    Welcome back to daylight saving time, everybody. The government’s way of making sure all of us experience jet lag whether we fly or not. It’s hard enough getting drivers to pay attention to the road as it is, without adding sleep deprivation.
  • It’s not easy being green

    Ross: It’s not easy being green (an updated version)

    Dave Ross composes an updated version of the classic song "It's not easy being green." After all, these days, it's not easy being green for the planet.
  • kelly

    Ross: Hey Mr. Kelly, R you kidding me with this excuse?

    This R. Kelly story is about as far from my world as a story can get. But I have some observations. In short, sorry Kelly, any way you look at it, this is all on you.
  • Trump

    Ross: That time when President Trump set a good example

    I hear it said all the time that President Trump sets a terrible example. But I’ll bet even his critics would appreciate the example he set in 2017 when he kept his word and paid back Michael Cohen.
  • cards, bridge

    Ross: International tax evasion is a bridge too far

    The latest athlete suspended after testing positive for banned substances is Geir Helgemo, who plays Contact Bridge. But that's not the only problem he faces.
  • washington taxes, money, irs

    Warning: Don’t get caught in the IRS rabbit hole while doing taxes

    Dave Ross realized that simplifying taxes is like trying to control greenhouse gases. It’s too late. We are past the tipping point for runaway tax code warming.
  • the button, trump, north korea

    Ross: The whole world in their hands (and a finger on the button)

    We've witnessed this scene before -- two men in a room with flags and potted plants posing for photos while negotiating. Is there is a better way to make sure no one presses their big red button?
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