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  • tofu

    Eat tofu once a day for the good of the country

    Why is Dave Ross telling us to eat tofu once a day? It's for the good of the country and farmers, he says.
  • plastic firearm

    What could possibly go wrong when 3D firearm blueprints are legal to download?

    Beginning Aug. 1, Americans will be able to download instructions for making their own firearms on a 3D printer.
  • airline passengers

    Why can’t we charge airline passengers based on their size?

    Airlines already have that sizing gauge for your bags at the gate. Why not add a body gauge next to it?
  • summit

    Summit do-over is really a blessing in disguise

    It turns out that Russian President Vladimir Putin has checked "maybe" on his invitation to the White House for a do-over after the controversial Helsinki summit.
  • Breastfeeding haters never seem to apologize

    A model at the Sports Illustrated Swim Search proudly went strutting down the runway breastfeeding her daughter as the audience cheered. That same week, two mothers were shamed.
  • Are we ready to ditch mass transit for driverless vehicles?

    Why would sane commuters pack themselves into trains if a system of self-driving vehicles could whisk them to their destination in less time?
  • Now they don’t even need to buy Facebook ads

    Vladimir Putin, the man accused of manipulating the 2016 election, is being invited to the White House. Now he doesn't need to buy Facebook ads!
  • Denny Heck

    Denny Heck: We have to build our way out of the homeless crisis

    The argument that more housing of all types is required to solve the nation's homeless problem is inarguable, Denny Heck says.
  • There’s a whole new career path for humans

    It’s been revealed that some artificial intelligence is in fact real intelligence. As in, there’s a human to bail the machine out when it gets confused.
  • Russia doesn’t own him, the voters do

    Russia doesn’t own President Trump. His voters own him. He legitimately won the right to push his policies as far as he can for four years.
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