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  • amazon

    Ross: A few things for the East Coast to know about Amazon

    Good luck East Coast with your new Amazon HQs. Here's some advice from Seattle. For starters, if you see a parking spot, look both ways, check for cops, and then hide it under your shirt. You’ll thank me later.
  • wildfires

    Ross: Do caravans or deadly wildfires threaten America more?

    What should America's priorities be right now -- protecting the border from some caravan far, far over the horizon. Or battling the flames ripping California apart?
  • paul kelley, John Banchini

    Ross: The last words Marine General Kelley will always remember

    Marine General Paul Kelley will always remember the name of John Banchini. It's a story that can stand out when the world seems so bleak and it feels like humanity is done for.
  • shooting, gun debate

    Ross: How, sadly, one side of the gun debate is gaining supporters

    Someday, sadly, there will be enough aggrieved families from mass shootings and gun violence to form an impenetrable human chain around the Capitol. Maybe then, politicians will listen.
  • healthcare

    Ross: An important question about America’s health care system

    There was one question at Wednesdays White House press scrimmage that was actually important. It concerned President Trump’s decision to stop forcing Americans to buy health insurance.
  • carbon fee

    Why do Washington voters keep rejecting a carbon fee?

    Former Republican AG Rob McKenna explains why Washington voters keep rejecting the carbon fee, and why he supported it in 2016, but not this time around.
  • vote, election

    Ross: Ready to chill out, now that the election is over

    The midterm election is over. Democrats got the House. Republicans kept the Senate. Maybe now we can all get to work on the stuff we all agree on, and take some time to chill out.
  • initiative quiz

    QUIZ: How well do you know Washington’s 2018 ballot initiatives?

    How well do you know the initiatives (and one proposition) on the 2018 Washington state ballot? Try our quiz to find out.
  • electoral college, vote

    Ross: You cannot be turned away, they must let you vote

    Despite what some states and shifty officials may do, they must let you vote. Federal law requires that if you are eligible, and you show up, you cannot be turned away.
  • rigged election, vote

    Ross: Divided we vote, but can’t we still have dinner?

    Everybody is noting how divided America is. Really? Does this mean we can never be friends? Or does this simply mean you can vote one way, and I can vote another, and we all just live our lives?
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